‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Henrik Search Frustrates Anna, Nelle Speaks Ill Of Carly’s Mental State

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that there will be more mudslinging in Port Charles, and there are some questions that might have no answers for now.

Drew (Billy Miller) and Franco (Roger Howarth) are finally out of danger, and they have become closer than ever. However, there are some situations they need to confront when they get back to town.

Back In Each Other’s Arms

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the warm welcome from Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will shock Franco. He did not expect her to welcome him with open arms. However, getting a kiss and a hug for being safe will not make Franco feel sure about what the future holds for them.

Spoilers tease that Liz and Franco will talk and that Franco tells his beau everything. When he lays out all his cards, the couple might have a better chance of staying as a couple.

Speaking of reunions, spoilers reveal that Sam (Kelly Monaco) will be curious about what happened. When she asks her husband to tell her about it, he will ask about what she wanted to say to him before he took off.

It seems to be a day of confessions for many Port Charles lovers.

Meanwhile, Sam’s mom is in no position to be happy either. She has to deal with the argument between Julian (William DeVry) and Finn (Michael Easton). It might seem to be a disagreement between a reptile, but it appears to involve Julian’s feelings for Alexis too.

Nelle Hurls Accusations

Carly (Laura Wright) will take the time to get to know Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). The two mothers may have had their differences, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will be surprised because she and Kim agree on how Oscar and Josslyn should proceed with their relationship. It appears like Carly misjudged Kim.

Given Kim’s interaction with other Port Charles residents, she seems to be making more friends in the community.

However, Carly’s life will continue to be complicated thanks to Nelle (Chloe Lanier). General Hospital spoilers tease that the woman will stop at nothing to destroy Carly. In fact, she will confront Michael (Chad Duell) and tell him his mother is unhinged. On top of that, she will blame Michael for wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to his mother. Nelle won’t stop at making Carly suffer from her antics anytime soon.

Letting Go

Anna (Finola Huges) is back in town without a clue about Henrik. She has been out of town to look for Faison’s son, but she had no luck in tracking him down. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will tell Andre just how frustrated she feels about the entire affair. She has been hitting dead ends, and she seems to have put her life on hold to look for the child.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Andre will give her some advice on this matter, and tell her to let it go.

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