March 21, 2018
Melania Trump 'Furious' About Her Kardashian-Like Life With 'Scandals, Divorces, Headlines,' Reports 'People'

Melania Trump is allegedly "furious" about what her life has devolved into over the past year and beyond since President Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the U.S., according to a source close to Melania, reports People. With Stormy Daniels' new 60 Minutes teaser interview recently released, and former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal set to appear on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, as reported by the Inquisitr, the focus has turned to women who claim they have had adulterous affairs with Trump.

Melania's life in the White House has allegedly turned into a Kardashian-family-style drama, with the source claiming that all the scandals, divorces, and headlines surrounding the politicos represent the events that Melania "didn't want to happen." Melania's life was described as a "24/7 tornado" with the former model's once quiet life now at the center of many news reports.

Beginning with controversies that started even prior to Donald Trump being elected president -- such as Trump's leaked Access Hollywood tape that caught him making disparaging comments about women to Billy Bush -- to the chaos swirling around her husband this week, Melania is reportedly "yearning for the peace and simplicity of her pre-White House life," according to the publication.

Melania Trump reportedly doesn't like the controversies surrounding her life.
Melania Trump reportedly doesn't like the controversies surrounding her life.

Melania has been the subject of plenty of Google searches from people seeking clues over whether or not the first lady might seek to separate from the president, especially in the wake of Donald Trump Jr.'s recent headline-making news which involved Vanessa Trump filing for divorce.

Aubrey O'Day was rumored to be involved with Trump Jr., and even spoke about an unnamed big celebrity in videos from 2012.

Melania wasn't much in the spotlight prior to September 2015, with Melania giving her first big interview at that point. According to People, prior to becoming first lady, Melania took care of Barron and stayed in shape by taking up Pilates and tennis. A different source claimed that Melania "was able to do whatever she wanted and have her family with her much of the time," which included taking the time to "shop, use the spa and have her family dine outside with her."
Years ago, Melania was able to choose when she wanted to step into the spotlight, such as in TV bookings like the one above.

However, whereas Melania was barely in the public eye years ago, these days her life is a "24/7 tornado" and "she hates it," according to the source, who called Melania an introvert who likes her privacy.

"She doesn't have a lot to say. She's not a conversationalist overall. With her friends, yes … But at a state dinner or with other leaders, she's not one to step up and lead conversation. She's so soft-spoken. And so she's just looking around at everything that's going on and throwing her hands up."