March 21, 2018
Justin Bieber Misses Selena Gomez After Breakup Amid Reunion Plans, 'Hollywood Life' Claims

Justin Bieber is having a hard time being away from Selena Gomez now that the couple is no longer seeing one another.

As previously reported, via Hollywood Life, Justin and Selena had called it quits earlier this month following claims that the singer's parents weren't too happy about the couple's reconciliation in September.

Gomez's family allegedly believes that there's a chance that Justin could hurt Selena again and consequently send her back to rehab, which is the last thing they would want for the 25-year-old.

With her career booming and the release of her new album just months away, Selena Gomez has a lot on her plate, so keeping that in mind, her family simply do not want her surrounded by people that could potentially hurt her again.

The "Good For You" singer has been vacationing out in Sydney, Australia, Hollywood Life reports, and from what's been gathered, it's killing Justin Bieber not to be with Selena right now.

Since it's only been weeks since their split, Justin has Gomez on his mind all the time; he's already anticipating for the songstress to make her way back to Los Angeles, in the hopes that they can still be friends and hang out together.

It's unclear how Selena's family feels about Justin Bieber still wanting to be in his ex-girlfriend's life, but as one source put it, the chances of Justin and Selena staying apart is very unlikely.

Given that they didn't end their romance on a bad note, the 24-year-old believes that he still stands a chance to make things right with Selena and her family.

In the past 12 months, Justin Bieber has dedicated the majority of his time to focus on his religion and attending church regularly, with sources at the time having reported that the "Boyfriend" hitmaker is becoming very spiritual and is making that his main priority in life.

With rumored plans to start recording his next album later this year, insiders wonder how the new songs will sound should it be the case that a reunion with Selena Gomez falls through.

Insiders do mention, however, that both Gomez and Justin Bieber still love one another.