March 21, 2018
'The Elder Scrolls Online' Expands To The Summerset Isle In Upcoming Chapter With New Skill Lines

Heroes of The Elder Scrolls Online traveled to Morrowind in the game's first chapter when it released in 2017. Just a year later, players will have the chance to visit the Summerset Isles in the Summerset chapter releasing this year. The new chapter, announced today, will release in a matter of months on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Summerset will come to PC on May 21 with a release on PS4 and Xbox One on June 5. Players will journey to the land of the High Elves where they can join the Psijic Order, attempt the new trial, and help save the area from a Daedric danger. The chapter also includes the new Jewelry Crafting skill line, new quests, additional delves, group bosses, and much more, according to the Elder Scrolls Online website.

After joining the Psijic Order, players will have access to a new skill line that lets them master time. This combat skill line includes abilities like Time Stop which lets users slow enemies in an area until they cannot move at all. Other abilities include Meditate and Undo, as listed on the Elder Scrolls Online chapter page. The former provides players a way to recover health, stamina, and magicka between battles. The latter allows players to return to an earlier point in time, resetting their statistics to their previous values.

The nightmare senche mount in The Elder Scrolls Online

Unlike DLCs for The Elder Scrolls Online, chapters cannot be purchased with Crowns and they are not included in the ESO Plus subscription. Summerset costs $29.99 as an upgrade to an existing account, but other bundles are offered. Right now, players can purchase the game, its first chapter, Morrowind, and Summerset for $39.99.

A Collector's Edition is available for both, too, at an increased price. That version includes digital items like a unique memento, a Fledgling Gryphon pet, an outfit style, emotes, and the Bloodshadow Wraith Steed mount. The Collector's Edition base upgrade is $39.99, while the Collector's Edition with both chapters is $59.99. Any pre-order of Summerset includes the Nightmare Senche mount, as well.

After the Summerset chapter releases for the MMORPG, more content will be added throughout the year. As the Inquisitr reported, two more pieces of downloadable content are expected in 2018.

In celebration of the Summerset announcement, the Elder Scrolls Online is free to play for a limited time. PC players can play for free right now while PS4 and Xbox One users can start playing on March 22. The free-to-play period will end on March 27. New players will receive 500 Crowns for joining the adventure and players from previous free events will find their accounts intact. For more information on the free event, visit the Elder Scrolls Online site.