Trump ‘Impeachment And Removal’ Course Offered At Harvard: Ivy League Class ‘Explores’ Ousting The President

A Harvard Law School professor has dedicated an entire course to Donald Trump. Laurence Tribe is a prominent member of the Harvard faculty who has repeatedly called for Trump’s removal from office. Now, Tribe has taken his desires a step further by teaching a course on the steps involved in the impeachment and removal of the 45th President of the nation. The name of the course is “Constitutional 3.0: The Trump Trajectory.”

Tribe not only has the distinction of being a Harvard law professor on his resume but he is also a former Obama Justice Department appointee. The course is limited to a dozen students so it may not be an easy course to get into if it sparks a lot of interest. It may depend upon how many students end up vying for those limited seats. It is not known how many students are expected to sign up for this course.

There is no book required for this class, but according to Fox News, Tribe has written a book that is slated for a May release. That book is titled, To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment. The book is described as the “complete roadmap” for the impeachment of Donald Trump. It is not known if this book will be a required reading for the class or not.

The course description spells it out for students, which includes the paragraph below.

“Students will explore what the Trump presidency might mean for American constitutional law, how we might expect the Constitution to constrain Trump’s execution of his powers and duties, and what #impeachment and removal by other means might resemble in the Trump era.”

Fox reports that Tribe makes no secret of having an anti-Trump point of view, which he also expresses outside of the classroom. He is known for frequently attacking the President on Twitter. On Wednesday, Tribe’s tweet suggested, “Trump should go back to bed, read the Constitution and the Special Counsel regs, learn to spell, stop referring to himself in the third person, and shut the hell up.”

This Harvard professor believes that Trump “poses a danger to our system of government,” which is what he conveyed in an Op-ed piece that he wrote for the Washington Post. Not only does this law professor spread his thoughts about Trump via the mainstream media and Twitter, he is also a frequent flyer on MSNBC.

The professor talked with host Joy Reid during one of his guest appearances on MSNBC. Fox quotes Tribe as saying, “He (Trump) uses the power of the presidency to essentially defy the system of checks and balances.” Tribe also told the MSNBC host, “We have to start an impeachment investigation in the House…”

Tribe uses these various venues to discuss Trump’s “on-going destruction of justice,” reports Fox.

This course on Trump will only be open to 12 students. In order to be considered for one of those 12 spots, students need to submit a letter of interest to Tribe. Each application will be taken into the professor’s consideration and he will hand-pick the 12 students for this two-credit class.

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