Brie Bella Comments On Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring

On SmackDown Live, fans witnessed one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. After two years of testing and three years away from in-ring competition, Daniel Bryan was finally cleared to return to action and lace up his boots once again. The wait was not long for Bryan to get physical in the ring, as he immediately furthered his angle with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

During his speech, Daniel Bryan repeatedly mentioned how his wife, Brie Bella, kept nudging him to not give up on believing that he will come back to the ring again. Bryan has voiced his frustrations of not being able to compete on various media outlets, and was not afraid to comment on leaving the company to wrestle again when his contract was up. Brie also made comments on Bryan returning to the ring, telling him to go somewhere else if WWE does not allow him to wrestle again, while also confirming that he will find his way back in a ring.

Despite his frustrations with not being able to compete in the ring, and even stating that he was depressed about sitting on the sidelines and being forced to retire, he praised Brie for never giving up on him. When the news broke that Bryan was cleared to compete in a WWE ring again, Brie was quick to post a poignant statement of her gratitude via Instagram.

Confirming the support that Bryan praised her for, hours later on SmackDown Live, Brie posted, “From the moment they told him No, he was on a mission to turn that into a YES.” She added that she appreciates that her daughter can see her dad and witness a real-life example of someone who never gives up and is “an amazing role model.”

Although Bryan stated in his comeback speech that he was not sure that he would be competing at WrestleMania, Owens and Zayn seem to make that decision much clearer after brutally assaulting him following Bryan publicly firing them for assaulting Shane McMahon on the previous SmackDown Live.

This looks to be leading up to a tag team match of Shane and Bryan vs. Owens and Zayn, which has already propelled to one of the most anticipated matches of the show on April 8 in New Orleans. Despite Bryan supporting Owens and Zayn, even admitting that he was living vicariously through them, he is now looking for revenge for being attacked, and so is Shane McMahon.

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