March 21, 2018
Aubrey O'Day May Have Caught Trump Jr. Bedding New Woman, Ending Spanx-Ripping Alleged Affair, Per 'Page Six'

Aubrey O'Day's affair with a married celebrity - as chronicled in the below videos from O'Day speaking to a Risk! podcast crowd - are gaining new attention in light of O'Day's alleged adulterous affair with Donald Trump Jr. According to Page Six, O'Day was part of the cast of The Celebrity Apprentice during the show's 2011 to 2012 season. In 2012, Aubrey revealed the secrets about being grabbed by a "big celebrity," who was the star of an unnamed show, and pulled into the bathroom and thrown up against the wall.

Whereas Aubrey did not name Donald Trump Jr. as the subject of her 2012 story about a heated romance, she did tell the crowd that she could not name her love for fear of being "sued up the a**." Aubrey told the crowd that she was "filming a show" when the man in question grabbed her out of the hallway after her performance on the finale episode. The duo stared at each other for a couple of seconds before O'Day claimed that they began "making out like crazy."

Instead of a bodice-ripping session, O'Day described a man who ripped off her dress and started to laugh at the large size of her Spanx.

"He goes to rip off my dress and. . . he's like 'Holy f *** — I've never seen Spanx that big in my life!' "
Warning, the below videos contain language that might be offensive to some viewers.
Aubrey described engaging in sex over the phone and via Skype with the unnamed man, who gave her the nickname of "Spanky" after their initial tryst. O'Day mentioned that the affair caused her to have problems with how she viewed herself, because the man was a guy who hung out with models for Victoria's Secret and dined with "huge celebrities."

O'Day viewed herself as a great person, but the guy who ran with "the biggest agents and managers" was a man she felt she ultimately could not trust, because they were "from different worlds."

Aubrey noted that her tumultuous affair with the man stopped when she caught the fellow in bed with another person. Page Six admits that it is not clear from O'Day's claims whether she could be referring to her co-star from The Celebrity Apprentice or Making the Band, a reality show that featured Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, a man who denied being romantically involved with O'Day.