March 21, 2018
Joy-Anna Duggar Is Just The Latest 'Counting On' Star To Have A Complicated Birth

Between 19 kids and 10 grandchildren, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are well acquainted with complicated childbirths. On the latest episode of Counting On, fans watched Joy-Anna Duggar's first pregnancy end with an emergency C-section after doctors found out that her son was in the wrong position — and this isn't the first family member to experience a challenging labor.

According to People, three other women in the Duggar family have gone through a complicated birth. Back in 2009, Michelle had her youngest daughter, Josie, who arrived almost three months before her due date. Michelle was forced to undergo a C-section after doctors discovered she had preeclampsia, Today reports. At the time of the birth, Josie weighed a shocking one pound, six ounces.

A little over a week later, Josie suffered a perforated bowel. The tiny baby was rushed to a children's hospital, where doctors placed her on antibiotics and installed an abdominal drain. Fortunately, Josie's condition did not require surgery, though Jim Bob and Michelle had to live through months of hospital and intensive care visits.

"Josie is walking a daily tightrope to keep her vitals stable and the nurses and the whole team here has been wonderful," Jim Bob explained shortly after the birth. "Years ago, a baby this small wouldn't have lived an hour. We are so grateful for the ability to help her. It is incredible what the doctors and nurses can do to save the life of this little person."

Josie ended up pulling through and is now a healthy 9-year-old.

In 2015, Jill Duggar had her first little one with Derick Dillard, but not after a pretty intense labor. The former Counting On star suffered almost three days of intense contractions, some of which were under a minute apart.

Jill originally planned on delivering the baby at home, but she was forced to go to the hospital after she came down with strep B. Doctors then discovered that her baby boy was in breech and decided a C-section was in order. After 70 hours, Jill and her husband joyously welcomed their first baby, Israel.

Jill also underwent a C-section with her second baby, Samuel Scott, in 2017.

Like Jill, Jessa Duggar also experienced a difficult labor after having her first baby with Ben Seewald in 2015. Jessa planned on having the child at home, but 10 hours of contractions made her change her mind.

Jessa later admitted that her contractions were so intense that she decided an epidural was in order, despite her original desire to have a natural birth. Although Jessa's son came out healthy, she was forced to undergo a blood transfusion that put her in the hospital overnight.

Like her mother and siblings, Joy-Anna wanted to have her first baby at home. But 20 hours of labor forced her to go to the hospital where doctors performed yet another C-section.

After the procedure, Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, posted a sweet pic of their newborn boy, Gideon, who weighed a hefty 10 pounds, three ounces.

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