March 20, 2018
'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Takes DNA Test, Posts Results Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently announced via social media that she had taken a DNA test. The mother of three told her followers on Twitter that she would post the results on her Instagram story, and fans flocked to see what Evans was referring to.

According to a March 20 report by OK! Magazine, Jenelle Evans revealed that she had decided to take a DNA test as a part of the Ancestry program that reveals a person's ethnicity by using their DNA. The Teen Mom 2 star's results revealed that her heritage linked her to countries such as Great Britain, Europe, Finland, Russia, and Scandinavia, but that she was mostly Irish.

Upon learning about her Irish heritage, Jenelle Evans revealed to fans via social media that she may have to start celebrating St. Patrick's Day a bit more due to her newfound DNA results. In addition to her Irish roots, it seems that the Teen Mom 2 star also found out that she had Native American blood as well.

Jenelle Evans shared the news of her DNA test and the results just weeks after her family has been going through a lot of drama. Jenelle's husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom 2 for homophobic comments he made on social media, and rumors have been swirling that Jenelle's job on the reality TV series may also be in jeopardy. In addition to David's firing, Evans and Eason have been taking a lot of heat for posting photographs of their children and themselves with guns in the wake of so many school shootings. After David was let go from the show, Jenelle also announced that her youngest child, daughter Ensley, would also no longer be appearing on the series.

Jenelle Evans isn't the first Teen Mom to take the Ancestry DNA test. Last summer, her co-star Kailyn Lowry also did a DNA panel of herself to find out her heritage. Meanwhile, Gary Shirley recently took a much more serious DNA test of his own. Viewers watched the TMOG star submit to a paternity test in hopes of finding out whether or not his mother's former boyfriend, Jody, was his biological dad. Gary was devastated when the results revealed Jody was not his father.

Fans can see more of Jenelle Evans' life when Teen Mom 2 airs a brand new season on MTV later this year.