March 20, 2018
Blake Shelton, Adam Levine And Kelly Clarkson Got Pulled Over By The Cops -- And Adam Cried

Blake Shelton is recalling how Adam Levine cried after being pulled over by the cops during a trip with fellow The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson. E! News reported that the country star revealed that Adam was in tears during their run-in with the police, tearing up as Kelly attempted to talk back to the officer.

Shelton made the confession during his March 20 appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he told the story of how he, Kelly, and Adam were pulled over after spending a New Year's Eve together in Oklahoma back in 2012.

Blake told the late night host that he invited Kelly to the show to "make fun" of their now The Voice co-coach after hearing that the Maroon 5 singer would be in his home state for a show around five years ago.

"What happened is we had a designated driver because it was New Year's Eve and we were drinking," Shelton said. "So, we went to the show, made fun of him and then when he got done he came to stay at my house with me for a couple of days."

However, it sounds like the car ride back to Blake's Oklahoma ranch with the group's driver wasn't exactly the best for Adam.

"On the way back," Shelton continued during the late night interview, "we got pulled over… by a deputy sheriff or whatever."

"And not that we don't respect the police, but we knew we hadn't done anything wrong," Blake explained of the group's run in with the law. "And so, you can be a little cocky, or you know."

Shelton then continued of the infamous night, "Adam didn't see it that way because Adam is from Los Angeles, where you don't talk back to the police, and in Oklahoma, if you've got a good point, you do sometimes, you know?"

The Voice coach then went on to admit that Kelly was seriously "ribbing" the officer, much to Adam's dismay.

Blake Shelton, Adam Levine & Kelly Clarkson Got Pulled Over By The Cops -- And Adam Cried

"Adam began to [cry]. He was convinced we were going to jail. He got upset," the "I'll Name The Dogs" singer admitted of how Levine responded to the incident, adding that things "got intense" between the trio, their driver and the police officer.

Fortunately, it seems like the group were all let go by the officer and no one was taken away after Levine began crying, though there's no doubting that the group's friendly rivalry has stretched well beyond their 2012 run-in with the cops.

The trio are now coaches on The Voice for Season 14 and have been showing off their friendly rivalry throughout the series this year.

Adam even referred to Blake as being a "manipulative b*****d" earlier this season after the country singer used his new block feature to stop him from getting a talented act on his team.

Levine made the quip about his longtime friend and The Voice co-coach in hilarious outtakes obtained by Parade which showed the three and fellow coach Alicia Keys interacting between auditions.

"Poor guy. He literally went to the wrong team," Adam said after Blake blocked a contestant from joining Team Adam. He then turned his attention to Gwen Stefani's boyfriend of more than two years and hit back, "What's amazing to me is you are a manipulative b*****d."

Blake then clapped back in response to his slam on the series, "'course, I'm trying to get people on my team."

The Voice Season 14 airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.