March 20, 2018
WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt To Return As 'Repackaged' Superstar After 'Ultimate Deletion,' Per Dave Meltzer

The latest WWE rumors after Bray Wyatt's loss to Matt Hardy on Monday's show suggest that Wyatt will return eventually but as a "completely different" superstar. The leader of the Wyatt Family was originally brought up to the main roster along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, with big man Braun Strowman even joining the mix. However, after the disbanding of the family and Wyatt's solo run with the WWE title as well as this latest feud with Hardy, it looks like things will change for him. Here are the latest details on what's being said about the former leader of the Wyatt Family.

The finish of WWE Raw on Monday night saw Wyatt defeated in an "Ultimate Deletion" match. It signaled the end of the "great war" between him and Matt Hardy that had been going on for several months. It also included Wyatt being pushed into a lake, with no sign of him after that happened. That has fans speculating when he might return and what he'll be doing. On Tuesday, Ringside News' Steve Carrier relayed news that Dave Meltzer discussed Bray Wyatt's situation on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio show. During the discussion, Meltzer said WWE is going to be repackaging Wyatt due to the "Eater of Worlds" gimmick running its course.

Meltzer's specific comments regarding Bray Wyatt were as follows.

"So, I guess he's going to come back different. I think it's been a year of needing repackaging. I don't know what he'll do but hopefully it's something completely different because the other character ran it's course a long time ago."

The last that WWE fans saw of Bray Wyatt on Monday night was Matt Hardy rushing at him with an oar and using it to shove Wyatt into the nearby lake. That lake is fittingly referred to as the "Lake of Reincarnation" in Hardy's world, so it will be giving Wyatt a sort of rebirth when he eventually returns.

As for what he will return as or gimmick he's going to use, that's going to be interesting to see. While he came to the main roster years ago with Wyatt Family, he was also previously on the main roster as part of the NXT Nexus storyline with Wade Barrett as the leader. Back then, Wyatt went by the name Husky Harris. He was eventually written off television in early 2011 after an on-screen "punt kick" to the head from Randy Orton.

Wyatt's real name is Windham Rotunda, so it's always possible he could return to using his official name in some way. Other names Rotunda has used during his wrestling career have included Alex Rotunda, Alex Mulligan, Duke Rotundo, Levi Wyatt, and Windham Rotundo.

In a recent satire of the situation, Kayfabe News suggested that Rotunda will return as Irwin R. Schyster Jr., son of IRS since Mike Rotunda (the original IRS) is his father. That could make the "Eater of Worlds" into the "Eater of tax refunds," if WWE decides to go that route.