March 20, 2018
'WWE Raw': Brock Lesnar Attacks Reigns As Attempts To Turn Him Heel Continue Despite Backfiring At Live Events

Brock Lesnar finally arrived on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, and things did not turn out well for Roman Reigns. The Big Dog demanded that Lesnar be present on the show and maybe even face him in the ring. In his pursuit to force Lesnar to show up on Raw, Reigns ended up being suspended for his actions last week. So, he was not even supposed to be on last night's episode of Raw.

However, Roman Reigns decided to walk in the ring during Kurt Angle's segment and demanded that Kurt call whoever he wanted to ensure that Brock Lesnar arrives in the ring. Kurt Angle had no option but to go backstage and send three U.S. Marshals to arrest Reigns for trespassing. Before he could be escorted out of the arena, the Beast Incarnate arrived and ran toward the ring, as reported by Sky Sports. Roman Reigns was still handcuffed with no Marshal in the sight to open it.

There was little Roman Reigns could do, and he ended up being brutalized by Lesnar. Reigns had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher. Lesnar was not done yet, as he returned to the ring and continued his assault. Roman Reigns was left tied to a stretcher outside the ring by the time Lesnar decided to make his way out.

Roman Reigns was attacked by Brock Lesnar on Raw

This recent assault on Reigns is in-line with the continued effort by WWE to project Lesnar as a heel. There are clear efforts to turn him heel by showing that he is someone who does not care about the business or the WWE Universe. Reigns had also mentioned in his promo that Lesnar did not respect him or the WWE Universe.

There is a clear effort by WWE to ensure that more crowd rally behind Roman Reigns. However, Dave Meltzer mentioned in the Observer that there was a possibility of this move backfiring, as reported by Ringside News. He also cited the recent Madison Square Garden crowds who had cheered for Brock Lesnar. It appears that the same could happen at the WrestleMania 34.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, there are rumors that Brock Lesnar could be headed to UFC once his contract with WWE expires. So, the WWE officials are only trying to ascertain that the Beast Incarnate is not missed by the fans once he leaves and they end up cheering for The Big Dog. WWE wants to project Roman Reigns as "The Guy" and ensure he is cheered by turning Brock Lesnar heel. However, the strategy seems to be backfiring as Lesnar continues to enjoy the support of his fans.

It remains to be seen whether WWE persists with Brock Lesnar as a heel act and if fans would ever side with Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar. You can check the assault video from the March 19 episode of Raw below.