March 20, 2018
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Andre DiMera Could Return To Salem, Claims 'DOOL' Star

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that yet another dead character could turn back up in Salem. As many fans know, Andre DiMera (Thaoo Penghlis) was recently murdered, but actor Billy Flynn, who plays Andre's on-screen brother Chad DiMera, has an idea that could bring Andre back to the NBC soap opera.

According to a March 19 report by Soap Hub, Billy Flynn says he wants Thaao Penghlis back on Days of our Lives, a sentiment that many viewers have also echoed. Flynn says it wouldn't be too hard to resurrect Andre with all of the storylines that have played out in Salem lately. In fact, the only thing really needed to bring Andre back to the land of the living would be Dr. Rolf's resurrection serum, which is responsible for bringing Will Horton (Chandler Massey) back to life.

Billy Flynn recently took to social media to reveal to Days of our Lives fans that he'd love to see Andre DiMera back in Salem, and with his memory wiped just like Will's was. Flynn also joked that his character, Chad, could have a lot of fun with Andre's amnesia storyline, stating that he could convince Andre that he was a mime who worshiped his younger brother Chad.

While many Days of our Lives fans aren't convinced that Dr. Rolf's serum will be used on Andre, viewers could still see the character back in Salem in the future. There could be a way Thaao Penghlis could return to the soap. As longtime viewers will remember, Andre also has a twin brother, Tony DiMera. Although Tony has been presumed dead for many years, Penghlis' characters have often risen from the ashes, much like their father, Stefano DiMera, who never seemed to stay dead for long.

In addition to Andre's return, many Days of our Lives viewers would also like to see EJ DiMera (James Scott) make a comeback. The soap has been hinting that Dr. Rolf's serum was used on EJ just moments after his death and that the character is still alive somewhere. Perhaps, EJ will be the DiMera who returns from the dead to fill the shoes of his late brother, Andre.

Days of our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.