‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sally Spectra Is Leaving Los Angeles, Courtney Hope Confirmed Her Exit

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that one of the soap’s stars is leaving Los Angeles. Later, Courtney Hope, who plays Sally Spectra, confirmed that she is the one who is on her way out, as her character is set to exit the show soon.

The B&B actress announced her departure via her social media account on March 20. In her post on Instagram, she wrote a message of farewell to her fans and followers of the popular CBS soap. She also thanked everyone who has been supporting them through the years.

Prior to her confirmation, there had been speculations that Courtney Hope’s time as Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful was reaching its end point. The latest turn of events in Los Angeles also seem to suggest her possible departure, and now Courtney announced it herself.

In any case, one of the earliest indications that Sally Spectra is leaving was Hope’s appearance. When Hope (Annika Noelle) debuted, Sally’s developing storyline with Liam vanished quickly.

Ever since they kissed when Bill (Don Diamont) blew up Spectra Fashions last year, there was no follow-up on their story. Instead of seeing something deeper going on between Sally and Liam, the viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful saw Hope’s arrival that made Steffy’s ex-husband’s heart flutter.


As Soap Hub noted, another clue that may have pointed to Sally’s impending exit was the time when Thomas (Pierson Fode) returned to L.A. He and Sally were a couple, but their romance did not last as Bill tricked him into moving to New York by making up a story. Dollar Bill told him that his niece, Caroline, was dying.

Although she posted her farewell message for The Bold and the Beautiful fans, Courtney Hope still looks forward to Sally’s return to Los Angeles’ glittering fashion scene in the future.

For the meantime, she is expected to make a pleasant exit. Perhaps Sally will be shown leaving the town with Thomas as they head to a place where they can live happily together.

Finally, Courtney Hope hinted that she may work on a new project after saying goodbye to her Sally Spectra character. “God apparently has new and bigger plans for me at the moment and I can’t wait to see what those are!” she said.