March 20, 2018
Jinger Duggar Shares Plan To Start Her Own Business On 'Counting On'

Jinger Duggar showed off her entrepreneurial side during last night's episode of Counting On. However, her attempt at starting her own home business didn't go quite as planned. She thought she could use her favorite breakfast beverage to bring home the bacon, but she discovered that it's not easy to master the art of roasting coffee beans.

As reported by the Duggar Family Blog, Jinger Duggar shared her dream of starting her own coffee business on the March 19 episode of Counting On. She and her husband Jeremy Vuolo discussed her idea over coffee during a visit to a local cafe in Laredo, Texas. They were talking about how much work goes into running a coffee shop when Jinger told Jeremy that she wanted to sell her own coffee blend.

"If we have our blend, then we can sell it online. We don't have to have a shop," the Duggar daughter said.

"Babe, that would be amazing," Jeremy replied. "You could call it Jinger's Blend, or Jinger's Spice."

However, the java-loving Duggar later told the Counting On cameras that she preferred the name Jinja Ninja for her signature coffee blend. She was so serious about creating her own coffee to sell that she decided to purchase a Behmor Coffee Roaster, which is priced at $369.99 on the Bed Bath & Beyond website.

It was Jeremy who came up with the perfect place to promote his wife's new brew. Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell were getting married in a few weeks, so he suggested that Jinger set up a coffee station at the event. Coffee had played a special role in Jinger and Jeremy's own wedding, so she naturally loved the idea. Instead of having guests throw birdseed at her and Jeremy as they left the church, Jinger had them throw coffee beans.
Unfortunately for Jinger Duggar, her televised first attempt at roasting coffee beans was not the best ad for her potential future business. She kicked things off by asking her husband if they had a fire extinguisher. When he answered in the affirmative, they began by experimenting with a bag of Ethiopian coffee beans.

The couple struggled with the settings of the coffee roaster, and they made a crucial error that ruined their first batch of beans. Jeremy realized what they had done wrong while they were waiting to hear the "first crack" indicating that moisture was leaving the coffee beans. He informed Jinger that they had failed to preheat the machine before pouring the beans inside of it.

"Maybe I was a little naive," Jeremy said. "I didn't think the preheat would be a big deal. You can throw pizza in the oven without a preheat, and it turns out okay."

However, the coffee beans clearly did not turn out okay. Jinger observed that they looked "a little strange," and they were all different colors. Some were brown like they were supposed to be, but others were green and yellow.

"That's so sad. That's like the saddest batch I've ever seen," Jinger said.

The Duggar daughter said it was "depressing" that the beans were ruined.

"It's your first batch. What do you expect?" Jeremy asked his wife.

"Perfection," she responded.

Their second attempt with a bag of Panamanian beans was more successful. They actually heard the first crack, and the beans were more uniform in color. They decided to brew cups of coffee using both batches of roasted beans, and they tried the brew made from the ruined Ethiopian beans first. Jinger's verdict was that it was "disgusting," and Jeremy said it was "nasty." The Panamanian brew was somewhat better, but the couple agreed that it was too acidic. Jinger described it as tasting "like hotel coffee."

Even though her first experience roasting coffee was a bit of a bust, Jinger Duggar vowed to keep experimenting until she created a palatable cup of joe using her own coffee blend. She was determined to master the art of roasting coffee beans before Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar's wedding so that she could serve it at their reception. According to People, coffee was on the menu at the event, but the outlet doesn't say whether it was the Jinja Ninja blend.