Scheana Marie Opens Up About Lala Kent’s Mexico Health Scare, Reports ‘Us Weekly’

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Scheana Marie has been through quite the rollercoaster over the past couple of months, as she finalized her divorce last year. While filming this current season of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana also introduced viewers to her new boyfriend, Robert Parks-Valletta. Throughout the season, Scheana couldn’t help but talk about herself, her happiness, her relationship, and how much she loved her boyfriend. Her co-stars were going crazy listening to her, and Jax Taylor guessed that the relationship wouldn’t last for long. It seems like Scheana may be trying to remove the focus from herself in a new interview, as she reveals that fans will see a health scare concerning Lala Kent.

The previews for tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules reveals that the crew is going to Mexico to celebrate Jax’s birthday. According to a new Us Weekly report, Scheana Marie revealed that they are going to have fun, but that there’s plenty of drama happening as well. While Marie can’t go into detail about Lala’s health, she does reveal that Bravo may choose to air the incident on the show. If they don’t end up airing it, Marie points out that she didn’t leave Kent by herself during this time, as she struggled to find out what was happening.

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“There was a little bit of a health scare with her that I’m not sure if you’ll see, but I did not leave her side when that happened. She’s an amazing person. She’s been there for me throughout the breakup and all of this and, yeah, other than that, I don’t know. The summers usually turn in to kind of a blur for me by this time of year,” Scheana Marie tells Us Weekly in an interview about the trip to Mexico.

It’s interesting that Marie is opening up about Lala Kent’s health scare, as Lala herself hasn’t gone public with any situation that happened in Mexico. One can imagine that she would want to share the story herself if Bravo does end up airing the health scare on the show tonight. Perhaps Scheana wanted to tease viewers about the drama that’s going down in Mexico. As for Kent, she appears to be doing well these days. She’s spending time with her famous boyfriend, Randall Emmett, and she may be mourning the loss of her friendship with James Kennedy. The two haven’t really spoken since she decided that James didn’t respect her or her relationship with Emmett.

Scheana Marie will be back for another episode of Vanderpump Rules tonight on Bravo. The reunion special was filmed this weekend, so the season is slowly coming to an end.