‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Final DreAm Love Scene After Daring Rescue – Jason Confession Wrecks Marriage

Recent General Hospital spoilers from the Killy Live event tie to spoilers from this week’s soap magazines to reveal a stunning twist in the marriage of Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco). As of now, Drew and childhood pal Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) are stuck in a sub-basement. Sam reluctantly teams up with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) to find their men. GH spoilers say the reunion will be sweet, but once the dust settles, DreAm will split, at least for a while.

KeMo And Billy Confirmed Pivotal Love Scene

Several General Hospital spoilers emerged from Billy and Kelly’s charity event held in New York last month. One of them was that they filmed a love scene after the earthquake. There’s also the reveal in this week’s Soap Digest that Sam confesses to Drew that she still loves Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Sam tried to tell Drew about the near-death endearment she and Jason swapped, but before she could come clean, her hubby ran off with Franco. To make things worse, Liz knows the truth.

If Sam doesn’t come clean soon, Liz might blab since Sam aggravated her making accusations against Franco. GH spoilers show that Sam was certain that Franco harmed Drew, but Liz thought it was much likelier that Drew had done something in anger to Franco. When PCPD chief Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) told the ladies to sort out their love lives without police assistance, Sam and Liz decided to search for their men together, even though neither is happy about it.

Sweet Reunion Then Bitter Betrayal

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps hint that Sam and Liz catch a break on Tuesday that could lead them to Drew and Franco, who remain trapped. Also, this week’s Soap Opera Digest indicate that villainous Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) owns the building where the guys are trapped, and it will soon be filled in with concrete. It is a life or death dilemma, and the guys must save themselves or wait for someone to find them. It’s good for them that Sam and Liz are on the case.

Once Sam and Liz find the guys, the relief is palpable. Drew just wants to go home, while Sam feels so guilty that he was trapped right after she told Jason she still loves him. They make love but GH spoilers hint this could be the last DreAm love scene, at least for now. Spoilers from Soap Central say that “Sam struggles to follow her heart” and decides she must tell Drew the truth. Right after they make love, Sam reveals that she still loves Jason and that her ex-husband feels the same.

Drew Devastated, Walks Out On Sam

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub tease that the events this week will have far-reaching consequences. Franco will devote himself to making things right with Liz because he wants to come home to her. On the flip side, Drew is so shocked by Sam’s revelation that he walks out and doesn’t want to be in the home she once shared with Jason. He can’t stand to be there a moment longer. Some long-running GH rumors hint that Drew might move in at the Q mansion until he sorts out things.

Sam doesn’t know what to do since she loves both men, but the choice could be out of her hands with Drew’s angry exit. GH spoilers teased this coming love triangle ever since Jason cropped back up as a masked man in Russia. Now it will blow up as Sam can’t hide anymore that she loves Jason and Drew but doesn’t know how to move forward. She’s got children with both, history with both, and is confused about what’s best for her or the men. Who will she choose?

While trapped, Drew misplaced his wedding ring and that foreshadowed his coming split with Sam. Whether the split is for good or just a bump in the road to their happily ever after remains to be seen. Sam found the ring, but her questioning Jim convinced the bad guy to kill Franco and Drew. After the rescue and makeup sex, Drew walks out on Sam. Jason’s been keeping his distance, but with the love admission and Drew out of the penthouse, Jason might be ready to stake a claim.

Catch up now on the latest GH scoop on creepy Dr. Bensch kissing Kiki this week, see why Jim is trying to kill Drew and Franco, and the unbreakable bond between Drew and Franco over their twisted childhood. Watch ABC weekdays and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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