Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Have A Surprising Friday Night Tradition

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo spend their Friday nights laughing at sports fails. Jeremy recently revealed that he and his wife kick off their weekend by watching a little TV, something that Jinger rarely got to do growing up in the strict Duggar household. However, it seems as though Jeremy is in charge of the remote.

Jeremy Vuolo recently tweeted that he and Jinger Duggar have a Friday night tradition of watching SportsCenter’s “Not Top Ten” segment, which is the antithesis of the highlight reels that celebrate the best sports plays of the week. The ESPN clip collection often features a soccer fail or two for former soccer pro Jeremy to guffaw at. Before he was preaching at a tiny church in Laredo, Texas, Jeremy was a goalkeeper for the New York Red Bulls. According to USA Today, he also briefly played for the San Antonio Scorpions before hanging up his cleats for good.

These days, Jeremy Vuolo satisfies his craving for athletic competition by challenging Jinger Duggar to friendly games of tennis and mini-golf. The couple was shown enjoying both of these activities in recent episodes of Counting On. While they were on the tennis court, Jinger revealed that she had never played “organized sports.” This makes her husband a formidable foe — most of the time.

“Naturally being athletic, I’m pretty good at most sports,” Jeremy said. “Except golf.”

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Jeremy’s tweet about watching ESPN with Jinger could be sign that his love of sports is rubbing off on his wife. However, one of Jeremy’s Twitter followers wasn’t just amazed that the pastor has gotten a Duggar daughter hooked on watching SportsCenter highlights. The fan in question found it surprising that Jinger and Jeremy own a television at all.

It’s a misconception that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t allow their children to watch any TV shows. According to the Times Free Press, the conservative Christian parents do permit their kids to watch certain episodes of The Andy Griffith Show; they just can’t be episodes that are “centered around romance or deceptiveness.” However, as reported by Romper, the television that the Duggars own can only play DVDs. This means that Jinger definitely was not watching SportsCenter when she still lived at home with her parents.

Jinger Duggar wasn’t just introduced to the joys of cable TV when she married Jeremy Vuolo. As reported by In Touch Weekly, she began wearing pants regularly for the first time after she moved out of her parents’ house. Incidentally, the particular installment of “Not Top Ten” that Jeremy linked to in his tweet includes a cautionary tale about wearing pants. In the video, Providence basketball coach Ed Cooley splits his pants when he reacts to a play by squatting down. He then has to cover his exposed backside with a towel. During the post-game press conference, Cooley recounts how he realized that his pants were ripped when he “felt a great breeze in the crack.”

Perhaps the fear of suffering a similar wardrobe malfunction is why Jinger Duggar chose to play mini-golf in a short dress instead of her skinny jeans during last week’s episode of Counting On.