Chelsea Handler Flaunts Body In String Bikini While Talking About Her Plight To Fit Into One

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Chelsea Handler wore a string bikini for an Instagram story she shared with fans on Saturday, while addressing her plight in fitting into one. The 43-year-old comedienne is currently on a family vacation and decided to post a humorous take on her issue — though it’s a serious one for many women.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Handler donned a black, gray, and pink bikini top and black bottoms for her Instagram story. The video was recorded in a hotel bathroom.

In the video, Chelsea said she just wanted “everyone to know” that she struggles to get into a bathing suit due to the size of her breasts. She explained that they don’t fit into anything and that’s she’s considering having surgery done. Handler declared that the “breast reduction conversation is officially on the table.”

Chelsea moved around to illustrate her problem wearing swimwear.

In March, 2015, People reported that Chelsea took to Twitter to slam critics who say she has breast implants. She joked on social media that a lot of men have touched her chest, but not of them have been a doctor. The tweet came during a time she was posting a lot of topless images of herself on social media. One well-known image was in the form of her riding a camel with only a pair of black pants and boots on.

As ET notes, Handler has always been an advocate of positive body image. In 2016, she told the entertainment site that it was “fun” getting her “body together.” She’d put a lot of effort into getting fit and shared that it was great to feel stronger and in shape. She posted a number of photos on Instagram of her playing tennis, running, and working out at the gym.

In spite of Chelsea Handler’s positive body image, it hasn’t stopped her from insulting others — something many of those in the field of comedy tend to do. As Jezebel reported in December, 2017, Handler retweeted a video promoting her Netflix series that poked fun at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The video featured comedian Fortune Feimster playing Sanders, who says the press secretary’s face is “a big fat biscuit” and called her old.

Chelsea Handler was slammed for retweeting the video, with fans on Twitter telling her how awful she was acting for being a “strong feminist.” Handler simply answered by saying Sanders “deserves to be taken down” because she’s “pure evil.”