'SNL's Kate McKinnon Channels Betsy DeVos On 'Weekend Update' To Explain Panned '60 Minutes' Interview

Kate McKinnon is an SNL veteran that can twist any character at any time, and she did it again with her portrayal of Betsy DeVos. According to Hollywood Life, McKinnon's DeVos skit was featured during the show's "Weekend Update."

The biggest issue that was covered in the skit was the education secretary's stances in her interview on 60 Minutes, which many deemed to be a failure. There have been mismatches in her statements not only with facts but also with what the Trump administration previously noted.

Moreover, DeVos has been one of the most criticized members of the Trump cabinet because of her experience in the field. After the said 60 Minutes interview, DeVos reportedly took to Twitter to defend herself, saying the show did not feature the "additional information" she shared with the network.

In SNL's take of Betsy DeVos, skit co-host Colin Jost asked McKinnon for her opinion about schools. McKinnon put a bull's eye on DeVos' popular "school choice" mantra where DeVos simply encourages parents to choose other schools (preferably private ones) than putting their children in public schools if they believe their children are not safe in these schools. McKinnon, playing DeVos, said the approach should be based on the states. If a state is known for its bears, there should be a school of bears.

Jost then asked McKinnon why DeVos was criticized so much, to which she responded with another witty comeback.
"I think it's because I do not do a good job, and I can't because I don't know how."
When asked about the 60 Minutes interview, she said that the problem with it was because of the words coming out of her mouth.
"I think the problem is that the words that are coming out of my mouth were bad and that is because they came from my brain."

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos speaks during an event.

McKinnon's DeVos also addressed the issue of gun violence. She said she will let the states make a decision "based on their circumstance," Bustle reports.

"For example, if two Home Alone-style bandits want to rob a school, that school should have the option of red hot door knobs or a paint can that swings down a staircase," she said.

Jost concluded the interview as McKinnon's DeVos left these final words:

"I may not be very good on camera, but behind the scenes my ideas are much worse."
Watch the full skit below.