Jill Duggar Uses Baby Israel To Win $350 At Facebook Competition, ‘Counting On’ Fans Say It’s ‘Unfair’

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The new season of Counting On may be underway, but the fans are seeing less of Jill Duggar Derick Dillard on TLC. The couple was booted from the show when he continued to post transphobic messages on his Twitter against another star of TLC show, Jazz Jennings. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook the original stars of Counting On are still finding ways to remain relevant to the conversation around the Duggar family.

However, the most recent way that Jill Duggar drew attention to her family is causing drama. The Dillards have shown that they are facing financial instability when Derick launched a $10,000 GoFundMe campaign to pay for their lifestyle. And now, the fans are concerned about the way that the 26-year-old Duggar is using her baby son, Israel Dillard, to win $350 from a competition on Facebook.

The publishers of Tuttle Twins are looking for ways to increase interest in their book series. According to the book’s website, the Tuttle Twins series illustrates “the importance of freedom and free markets” in simple stories that young kids can relate to. One of the books, The Tuttle Twins and The Road to Surfdom, bears a message of how “central planning” can ruin people’s lives.

“History abounds with examples of government officials making decisions that harm others,” the book summary reads. “Unfortunately, these unintended consequences are rarely if ever anticipated. As the twins find in their latest adventure, central planning can ruin people’s lives!”

To increase sales, they have launched a social media campaign that encourages their readers to share and like pictures of them reading Tuttle Twin books. The latest drama surrounding Jill started when she posted a picture of her son Israel to take a shot at winning $350.

The fans immediately saw how she was using her fame to win $350 and called this move “unfair.”

Comments on Jill Duggar's Facebook post

Jill and Derick are avid fans of Tuttle Twins and the lessons the books teach their baby boys. The mother of two sang praises about the series before on her Instagram, encouraging her followers to invest in this educational material for the kids in their lives.

Considering that the couple only managed to raise $6,000 on GoFundMe, having extra $350 may help them cover a part of their expenses in the coming months.