Chris Hemsworth Shares His Weekend With Social Media As He Struggles With A Wetsuit And Uses A Selfie Stick

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

When it comes to social media, Chris Hemsworth knows how to keep his fans and followers entertained and happy. Whether he is showing off his native Australia or sharing pictures of his family while on vacation together, the actor has been keeping his social media followers informed when it comes to where he is and what he is doing. Now in his latest series of Instagram posts, Hemsworth is showing off what his weekend in Canada looked like with not only pictures but also a video posted on his story.

As the Daily Mail reported, Chris Hemsworth’s latest adventure comes just after he shared a video with his daughter which showed the two surfing together while on vacation. In the images posted by the actor at the time, followers can see India Rose, his five-year-old, hanging on to his back as they catch waves together. Now, in the newest video and picture from Hemsworth, it looks like he decided to once more hit the waves, this time with a friend, only this time the setting is not quite as warm as when he was in Australia with his family.

While his weekend seemed to be fun-filled, Chris Hemsworth appeared to struggle to get into his wetsuit in his Instagram story, as his friend filmed the experience, telling the other man his eyes needed to be uncovered. When his friend asked in the video how he was feeling, Hemsworth’s answer was “super comfortable,” even though it was clear that comfortable was the last thing he felt.

The picture Chris Hemsworth posted to Instagram showing himself and his friend in their wetsuits on the beach is captioned with a message that also makes it clear that it is rather cold where they are surfing. The caption even makes fun of the way they look, as it says that he is not sure whether or not they are “robbing banks or surfing.” However, no matter what they are doing while in Canada, he said it was “well worth it though, what a beautiful place.”

After sharing his apparently cold surfing experience with his fans, Chris Hemsworth then showed off a bit more of his playfulness as he posed with a selfie stick for Instagram. In the picture, the actor has the stick holding his chin up as he poses for the picture, with a caption that makes it clear he may not know how to use one of these things. Tagging his friend in the post, Hemsworth said, “this new selfie stick is so cool #amidoingitright #selfiestickadventures.”

Clearly, it was a rather fun weekend for Chris Hemsworth in Canada as he got the chance to surf with a friend and even take a selfie or two afterwards.