Khloe Kardashian May Have Revealed Her Baby Name On Social Media, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Evan AgostiniAP Images

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s baby girl is due any day now, and the couple is reportedly still trying to figure out what their newborn daughter’s name will be. However, many fans believe that the couple has been dropping some hints about the baby’s possible name via social media.

According to a March 17 report by Hollywood Life, some fans believe that Khloe Kardashian’s social media posts of flowers could be a huge hint about her unborn baby girl’s name. As many fans who keep up with Khloe on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat already know, Kardashian often posts snapshots of beautiful flowers, especially roses. This has prompted speculation that Khloe and Tristan could be using the name Rose for their daughter.

It’s possible that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have decided to name their daughter Rose or Rosie, but the name could also be the child’s middle name. However, Kardashian shot down the rumors that she’s planning to name her daughter Rose, telling a fan on Twitter that while she believes the name is “cute,” it’s not on her list of names for consideration.

Previously, Khloe revealed that she believed her unborn child to be a boy. Kardashian even had a name picked out for her child, Tristan Thompson Jr. However, upon finding out that the baby was a girl, Khloe was forced to rework her plan. Rumors about Khloe and Tristan’s name choices began to circulate. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kardashian and Thompson may be taking some inspiration from pop culture. The pair is allegedly considering names from the mega-popular Marvel film, Black Panther.

Sources reveal that Tristan Thompson asked Khloe Kardashian to consider names such as Nakia, Okoye, and Shuri, or could even do some sort of spin on the word Wakanda. The insider claims that Kardashian is now “heavily considering” Thompson’s name suggestions, but that she is “apprehensive” because she really wants to give her daughter an “original name.”

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are expected to welcome their baby girl at the end of March or in early April but have yet to publicly talk about any names they are considering.