Melania Trump’s Prenup May Be Trump’s Fear Amid Stormy Daniels Suit, Per Republican Strategist Rick Wilson

Alex Edelman-PoolGetty Images

GOP strategist Rick Wilson went head-to-head with Paris Dennard, a member of President Donald Trump’s advisory board when the duo argued about Stormy Daniels as CNN’s Brooke Baldwin moderated the heated debate, as seen in the above video. However, prior to the conversation reaching a crescendo with Wilson demanding Paris admit that he’s okay with Trump allegedly having sex with an adult film actress, he brought up his reasoning behind why he believes Trump is vehemently fighting Stormy.

According to Mediaite, Wilson spoke about First Lady Melania Trump’s prenup as a potential reason why Trump could be concerned about what Stormy has to say about their alleged affair.

As reported by Vanity Fair, Trump had previous problems with prenup agreements. The publication claimed that Trump had hidden Marla Maples away for seven days at Trump’s Southampton beach house as the public learned about his 12-year marriage to Ivana Trump ending. At the time, rumors about Trump’s then 26-year-old girlfriend, Marla, made Trump concerned about his prenup with Ivana.

Ivana sued to make her revised prenuptial contract deemed invalid. That prenup change sought to award Ivana approximately $25 million in the case of a divorce. A strategy for making the prenup invalid was to provide proof that Marla was already a significant part of Trump’s life before his marriage to Ivana dissolved.

Melania signed a prenup with Trump, according to the New York Times, prior to Melania marrying Trump in January of 2005. The details of their signed prenuptial agreement are not widely known, but CNN surmises that Melania’s prenup with Trump is probably pretty tight, legally speaking.

According to Town and Country, lawyers have speculated that Melania’s prenup with Trump could mirror his previous two prenups. After Ivana contested her prenup, reports claim she received approximately $14 million, as well as a mansion in Connecticut, an apartment in New York and visits to Mar-a-Lago annually, along with $650,000 each year as an alimony and child support payment. After contesting her prenup, Marla reportedly got much less than Ivana, having been awarded approximately $2 million.


However, Melania’s prenup with Trump could hold more sway, according to top marriage lawyers who spoke with Town and Country, since Melania is now the first lady. The lawyers wondered aloud the specific items in the prenup – such as a clause for how adultery would be handled – and whether or not Melania’s prenup was renegotiated during Trump’s presidential campaign or after he became President Trump.

Wilson wondered about Melania’s prenup also, reports Raw Story, when he said, “We have to think about Melania’s prenup with him. There may be a money equation there as well that he’s putting at risk.”