‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew And Franco In Mortal Danger, Liz And Sam Go On A Mission

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will team up next week. Drew (Billy Miller) and Franco (William deVry) are nowhere to be found, and Sam thinks that something is going on.

She Knows spoilers tease a team up between Liz and Sam to look for Franco and Drew who mysteriously went missing.

The last conversation between Sam and Drew had in General Hospital was not exactly romantic. Sam was in the middle of telling her husband about what she told Jason (Steve Burton) during the earthquake. Jim Harvey decided to hijack the conversation and instead of Sam coming clean, it became a tell-all about what happened with Franco when they were still kids.

Drew might have wanted to think about what Sam just revealed, but Sam thinks there’s something more to it. Sam knows Drew is not someone who will dodge conflict, and when she notices that Franco also disappeared, General Hospital spoilers hint that she will alert Liz who will also start to worry about her man. Liz knows Franco is not someone who will just give up. After hearing what Sam has to say, Liz will start to fret about Franco’s absence. The two men seem to be on a mission, and their lady loves are worried about what could happen to them.

Sam Puts Two And Two Together

Franco and Drew had a shared childhood, and Sam knows an incident happened between the two of them. Since Jim Harvey was so kind as to hand over the information to Drew, Sam will figure out he is involved. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam will find proof that Drew has been in Harvey’s hotel room, and this will give her a bad feeling.


Since Franco is also missing, spoilers suggest that Sam will waste no time in looping Liz in. Sam knows the situation is urgent and Liz begins to fear for the worse. Rather than wait around in Port Charles, the two ladies will embark on a journey and search for Drew and Franco.

Life-Threatening Adventure

While Sam and Liz try to pursue a lead to find their beaus, General Hospital spoilers tease that the two men will end up in a life-threatening situation in the cement factory. As they fight to stay alive for the women they love, Franco will finally tell Drew that he remembers pushing him when they were still young.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that the relationship between Franco and Drew will change forever.