'Sister Wives' Spoilers: Mariah Brown Has Gay Bar Experience, Takes Mother, Meri, With Her

Mandy Robinson

This week on Sister Wives, things are going to be shaken up as Mariah Brown has her first experience at a gay bar, and brings her mother, Meri, along with her. People shared the details about this week's new episode of Sister Wives. Meri, Mariah, and Mariah's girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, are heading out to a gay bar together for a fun experience. They go to the Unicorn Bar in Seattle, Washington.

Meri talked about how she has always wanted to share fun things with her daughter. It took Meri Brown a second to move on from the fact that Mariah told her she was gay, simply because this isn't what she expected. She had always dreamed of her daughter's wedding day and children, which can still happen, but it is just going to be different now. Meri had to come to terms with this, but it wasn't that Mariah was gay, but more like she was shocked when she heard the news.

About the gay bar, Meri Brown actually said that she had never seen anything like it before and called it "interesting." She admitted that the one thing that made her feel out of place is that she felt a bit "too old" to be there. Meri felt a bit out of her "element." This may not be comfortable for her, but she went with Mariah and it looks like they are going to have a good time as well.

She loves seeing her daughter, Mariah Brown, so happy with her life and her new girlfriend. It took a bit for the two to see eye-to-eye, but Meri and Mariah's relationship seems to have improved lately.