Kanye West, Drake To Collaborate On New Album Amid Wyoming Get Together

Kanye West, who is spending time in Wyoming to start the recording process for his new album, is said to have been joined by Drake, who is expected to feature on the forthcoming record.

Several reports, including one from TMZ, claim that Drake and Kanye are in the studio together, and one of the obvious reasons how fans were able to know this, without either rapper ever mentioning their get together, was simply through a set of photos.

Drake's personal photographer, Theo Skudra, had been posting photos from Wyoming, images that looked very similar to the ones that Kim Kardashian had posted on her official Snapchat account, strongly implying that Drake is in town to work on new music with Kanye West.

As previously mentioned, Kanye hasn't addressed any rumors or reports regarding information that concerns his new album, though it's understood that the father-of-three reportedly feels inspired to produce and write his new songs away from Los Angeles.

Drake and Kanye have been close pals for several years, with the "One Dance" hitmaker being a regular at the famous Kardashian parties that the family arranges multiple times a year. After all, the rapper is said to live only minutes away from the Calabasas neighborhood where Kanye and the Kardashians reside.

Should it be the case that Kanye West is working on a collaborative effort with Drake, the timing couldn't be better, considering that the Canadian superstar announced just two weeks ago that he had been busy finalizing his own record, which he plans to release later this year.

Kanye's forthcoming project would be his first album since suffering a mental breakdown at the end of 2016, causing a rift between some of his closest friends, including Beyonce and Jay Z.

West is said to be on much better terms with the Hollywood couple given that he had taken a much-needed hiatus from the industry to simply focus on his health and by spending quality time with his children.

Fans are eager to see what Kanye West and Drake are working on, should it be true that the duo is in Wyoming together to collaborate on a song together. Neither one has yet commented on reports regarding the project.