Jennifer Aniston Split Reportedly Leaves Justin Theroux ‘Heartbroken’ Amid Dating Rumors, Reports ‘ET’

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s split reportedly has left Theroux feeling “heartbroken,” an insider told ET. But the description of Justin’s alleged heartbreak coincides with soaring rumors that Theroux is already dating a woman who just happens to be Selena Gomez’s friend. Because Selena is friends with both Jennifer and Justin, the intrigue of those dating rumors has earned the spotlight.

Justin Theroux Reportedly “Reeling” Over Failed Jennifer Aniston Marriage

However, despite the focus on the rumors that Theroux has already moved on, the source said that Justin has not fully recovered from his breakup with Jennifer Aniston.

“Justin is still heartbroken.”

While some celebrities are known for casually dating multiple women, Theroux isn’t one of them, according to the insider. Jennifer’s estranged husband reportedly would rather have one committed relationship. As a result, Theroux is still “reeling” over his failed marriage to Aniston, added the source.

Selena Gomez Is Friends With Both Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux’s Alleged New Gal Pal Petra Collins

The rumors that Jennifer Aniston’s 46-year-old ex is dating despite his alleged heartbreak point to 25-year-old Petra Collins as his rumored new gal pal. Sharp-eyed Instagram fans noticed a photo that Theroux shared of the two in February. That post occurred on the same day that Justin was spotted at a show during New York Fashion Week, another insider told ET.

Theroux has been friendly, not flirty, around women, according to the source. Just like Jennifer Aniston, he has turned to his friends for support in the wake of the split. Justin went on a “guys’ trip” to France this month and had a “nice time” at events such as the Louis Vuitton runway show during Paris Fashion Week, said the insider.

But another source told ET that Theroux is ready to move on with his life and dished up the details of Justin’s alleged new romance and the connection to Selena Gomez.

“[Justin Theroux is ready for] his next phase in life.”

Selena Gomez reportedly introduced Theroux and Collins when the trio “hung out together.” However, Selena — who had been friends with Petra and also has a long friendship with Jennifer Aniston — has now stopped following Collins, pointed out the insider.

Selena Gomez is friends with both Petra Collins and Jennifer Aniston, but those friendships reportedly got awkward when Justin Theroux was rumored to be dating Petra.
Selena Gomez is friends with both Petra Collins and Jennifer Aniston, but those friendships reportedly got awkward when Justin Theroux was rumored to be dating Petra.Featured image credit: John NacionSTAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

If the rumors are true about Selena getting caught in the middle of Justin’s alleged new romance, it won’t be the first time Gomez has faced such reports. Both Selena and Jennifer Aniston faced allegations that they were somehow involved in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breakup, as the Inquisitr reported. Aniston reportedly even visited Selena when Gomez was in rehab, sympathizing with her over the rumors.

Justin Theroux Believes Jennifer Aniston Split Was Right Move

Even though Theroux is allegedly heartbroken, one of the insiders also said that he believes ending his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was the right move.

“[Justin Theroux] felt confined by their relationship. He wasn’t interested with [Jennifer Aniston’s] everyday scheduled life of yoga classes, eating healthy. Justin is a free spirit and loves his time alone.”

The source also claimed that Theroux believes that his relationship with Jennifer was “going south for a long time.” He reportedly craved “independence” from Aniston.

And while Jennifer is known as a California gal, Justin’s rumored new gal pal Petra is “artsy and edgy and loves the New York nightlife,” added the insider.