AMC Resurrects ‘The Killing’ For Third Season

AMC and Fox Television Studios have finally reached a deal to bring The Killing back to life for a third season.

The series had been canceled after two seasons on July 27, 2012, but AMC has decided to revive the serial crime drama with a new case for season 3. Despite performing well in the ratings, The Killing had received public backlash because it failed to answer the question “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” by the end of its first season, and AMC decided not to renew it. Shortly afterward, Netflix and DirecTV expressed interest in picking the series up. AMC is currently still in negotiations with Netflix for a “second window to the series,” according to Deadline.

Veena Sud, who developed the adaptation of the Danish series, will return as executive producer, showrunner, and writer. Stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will also be returning.

“I couldn’t be happier to know that I will be returning to work with AMC, FTVS and Mireille and Joel on what is and has always been a passion project for me,” Sud said. “To the fans that have supported the series, thank you for doing so. My team and I will work hard to deliver the best story that we can for Season 3.”

For season 3, Stephen Holder (Kinnaman) will search for a runaway girl and uncover a string of murders that lead back to a previous investigation by his ex-partner, Sarah Linden (Enos).

The original Danish series, Forbrydelsen (The Crime), ran for three seasons and gained a cult following before it was remade in the United Sates.

Are you happy to see The Killing revived for a third season?