Hoda Kotb ‘Appears Uncomfortable’ As Burt Reynolds Critiques Her Lips On ‘Today’

It seems Hoda Kotb had an awkward moment while interviewing the iconic star Burt Reynolds, who was a guest on the Today Show. The 82-year-old actor suddenly opened up with few bizarre words for the host, resulting in an unprovoked critique of the Hoda’s lips. Reynolds was going over some of his most favorite roles in his film career, as well as sharing some of his life story with Hoda when he slipped this very odd sentence in. It sounded as if it was meant as a compliment.

Reynolds is known to multiple generations as the tough guy who made some of Hollywood’s most iconic films as his talent allowed him to run the gambit of genres like action, comedy, and drama. Reynolds can probably even claim a little bit of horror in his acting resume when you consider what his character went through in the movie Deliverance.

He was on Today talking about his new movie The Last Movie Star, according to People Magazine. He said the movie is close to him as it mirrors what is going on in his own life right now. The movie is about an aging actor coming to terms at the end of the road of his acting career.

He had the looks and the personality that women swooned over for decades as Burt Reynolds enticed them to the box office. While interviewing with Hoda, he looked at pictures that were put up on the screen on Today and pointed out his favorite for the audience, reports People Magazine.

That picture was one of Reynolds playing football and that led him into the story of how his father wanted him to continue on with the sport, but instead, he chose acting. While his father never told him he was proud of his son’s career on the screen, Reynolds said he told everyone else, but never him.

He said he even gave his dad an opening to tell him what he thought of his movies by asking him, “What’d you think of the last picture, dad?” That didn’t work, as Reynolds conveys that the reply from his father was, “What picture?”

Burt Reynolds back in 1973.

Koda “took him down memory lane,” reports People, as he shared a bit of his legendary life with the audience. He talked about the time he was thrown into the drunk tank with a bunch of his buddies. While his friends’ fathers all came and got them, his father didn’t show up.

Reynolds told Hoda how the cop looked at him and said, “Your father didn’t show up.” The teen who would later become the Smokey and the Bandit actor said, “it was tough, but I loved him beyond.”

He also shared that he would pick George Clooney as the person he wants to play him in a movie someday. After a seemingly comfortable interview between the two, Reynolds threw out something that might be considered a zinger. It visibly made Hoda appear uncomfortable, suggest People.

This is when Burt turned to Hoda and said how he is “so proud of you for not having your lips larger.” All Hoda could say was “Okay, Burt,” and again she wasn’t looking too comfortable while hearing Burt’s critique.

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