‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Thinks Maxie, Peter Are Moving Too Fast

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General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s bound to be a tough week for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and the same goes for Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

Soap Hub reveals what Storms think about Maxie’s actions and why she has been growing more reliant on Peter.

Friendship Over

Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) death in General Hospital had a huge blow to Maxie. It’s not easy to lose the man you love, especially if his death has something to do with your best friend’s action. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Maxie will continue to hold a grudge against Lulu (Emme Rylan). Lulu will continue to ask for Maxie’s forgiveness, but Maxie will have none of that. She will reassure Lulu that it has nothing to do with her, and is entirely her fault.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Maxie will do something which will surprise Lulu. It seems like it will take a long time before Maxie forgives Lulu for what she did.

Maxie Finds Someone To Lean On

Right after losing Nathan, Maxie has been grieving. Thankfully, there has been one guy who decided to stay by his side and help her out — Peter (Wes Ramsey). Peter, unbeknownst to her and everyone in Port Charles for that matter, is also Nathan’s brother.

Nina already finds it weird that Peter is spending a lot of time with Maxie, and she will tell Valentin about it. Kirsten Storms also weighed in on the behavior of her character and what she thinks about it.

During the General Hospital convention, Storms admitted that she knew Paevey would leave the soap two months before she received the script where Nathan died. She acknowledged how bummed she felt about seeing him go since most of her scenes were with Paevey. At the same time, she felt the scenes are bound to be good ones.


She went on to detail how hard it is to bid farewell to someone who plays the role of a love interest. She added that she always knew if Ryan was in his dressing room, which happens to be right next to her. As for Maxie’s relationship with Peter August in General Hospital, Storms proceeded to praise Ramsey’s acting skills, and she thinks Maxie should wait for a while before moving on to a new man. As for her scenes with Peter, she had this to say.

“There were a few moments when I’d read the script and I’d think, ‘I can’t believe she’s saying that.’ This a little soon. Nathan’s body is still warm! (But) they are giving me some dialogue as to why I’m spending so much time with Peter.”

As for a reunion between Spinelli and Maxie in General Hospital, Bradford Anderson revealed that he doesn’t care about what kind of relationship his character will have with Kirsten’s. He only wants to be in a scene with her.

General Hospital spoilers tease more exciting happenings involving Peter’s characters, and if Maxie sticks close to him, she might be involved as well.