‘Deadliest Catch’ Update: Three Weddings, A Baby, And A Funeral

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During the offseason, there has been a lot of news from the members of the Deadliest Catch. Most have been announcements of joy, such as weddings and even a baby.

There was also the darkness with the loss of the F/V Destination, the crab boat and crew that KIRO7 reported was tragically lost in February.

There was also a tragic loss of a crew member from the F/V Saga, according to the boat’s website, as well as a fishing captain that was Wild Bill’s best pal.

What were some of the key offseason events that should interest Deadliest Catch fans?

Zach Larson Gets Hitched

Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski’s son, Zack Larson, tied the knot with Dulce Zuloaga in April. Although there are many photos of the couple on social media, including a beautiful photo of the wedding party, Zack and Dulce are very private about their personal life.

Despite the mercurial relationship between Zack and Bill that has been a big part of the Deadliest Catch drama, Bill indicated he was indeed at the wedding.

He wrote on his social media that he had “beautiful photos” of the bride and groom, but didn’t want to publish anything online before they did.

When he is not on the Bering Sea, Zack is at home in Sonora, San Carlos, Mexico, where Wild Bill also happens to live.

His dad, fan favorite Wild Bill, has been on Deadliest Catch since Season 6. Zack, who has taken his mom’s last name, joined the show as a greenhorn on the F/V Kodiak in Season 8.

In Season 14, father and newlywed son will remain on separate boats. In the upcoming season of the Deadliest Catch, Zack will spend his second season on the F/V Brenna A, with Captain Sean Dwyer, as Zack is no longer working with his dad on the F/V Summer Breeze. Will this be the season the two finally see eye-to-eye and reunite?


Despite the happiness of the wedding in the spring, in the fall, Wild Bill had some tragic news to report. One of his best pals, Captain John Oatman, passed away. Although Captain John was not a crab fisherman, The Virginian-Pilot wrote that Wild Bill and Oatman were best pals and “fishing partners.”

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand Gets Married!

On November 10, the former Deadliest Catch Captain, of the F/V Time Bandit got hitched. The ever-sensitive Captain Johnathan, who “retired” last season, and his new wife Heather appear to have had a romantic wedding, based on the many photos he posted on social media.


Although it was previously reported by the Inquisitr that Captain Johnathan may have just retired from the show, he has still been out crab fishing, but without Discovery cameras on board. It seems it’s hard for captains to permanently leave the wheel.


Mandy Hansen and Clark Pederson Tie The Knot

For months, the F/V Northwestern greenhorn, Clark Pederson, tried to impress his surly Captain, Sig Hansen, who just happened to be his girlfriend’s father.

One of the most endearing moments in Season 13 was when Clark bravely asked Sig for Mandy’s hand in marriage. So, while technically, Mandy and Clark’s wedding occurred during the offseason, yet, Deadliest Catch did air some short vignettes of the couple’s beautiful wedding on the Season 13 finale episode.

The Norwegian-style wedding took place in front of the F/V Northwestern, which was docked in Seattle, at the Pacific Shipyard.

It should be noted that according to Starcasm, Sig Hansen also became a grandpa for the first time June 18, Father’s Day, when his oldest daughter Nina gave birth to a baby boy, Jaxsen.

Welcome Cadence Anderson

Jake and Jenna Anderson announced the birth of their second son, Cadence Anderson. He was born on June 13, 2017, and Fox News had reported during Deadliest Catch Season 13 there had been “Down’s Syndrome scare” with the baby. Thankfully, after a test was done, there was no problem.

Jake has reported that Aiden is “loves to be a big brother.” Will there soon be an Anderson fishing dynasty?

The F/V Saga Announces The Death of Hannes M. Huswick

On August 14, Captain Jake Anderson announced the death of one of his best friends, F/V Saga crew member, Hannes Huswick. Huswick, who died of a heart attack at the young age of 34, tragically left his wife, Sarah, and his 5-year-old daughter, Sienna.

Captain Jake eulogized Hannes on the F/V Saga website.

“Hannes was 34 and died of heart attack Monday August 14, 2017 in his favorite place to be. At home with his family. Rest In Peace. Hannes: the Saga, and fishing will never be as fun without you.”