‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington’s Fiancée Rose Leslie Knows Jon Snow’s Fate, Even If She Doesn’t Want To

Rose Leslie is doing her best to avoid major spoilers heading into the final season of Game of Thrones. But with a full year to wait until Season 8 premieres on HBO and her fiancé Kit Harington currently filming said final season, navigating around the spoilers will be harder than it sounds – and Leslie might not be able to avoid them even if she wanted to.

According to Bustle, Harington and the rest of the crew are currently in the middle of filming the final season of Game of Thrones. Leslie, who played Harington’s love interest a few seasons ago, says that she’s actively trying to avoid spoilers.

Not only does she refuse to ask Harington about what’s going to happen to his character, Jon Snow, but she’s also taking measures so that he doesn’t accidentally leak anything important (like Jon taking the Iron Throne in the series finale).

“I’ve hands down said from the beginning, sadly as season eight is now being shot I don’t want to know anything about Game of Thrones in terms of any spoilers and what the storyline is going to be. I want to be sitting down on my sofa along with the rest of world, as excited and as pumped,” Leslie explained.

The only problem with Leslie’s plan is that the final season will not premiere until 2019, giving her a full year to accidentally stumble upon a spoiler. Further, there is a chance that Harington will unwittingly leak a major spoiler.


For example, if Harington stops filming early and stays home while everyone else is on set, then Leslie will know that Jon didn’t make it out alive. And if Harington is on set until production is finished, then Leslie will have a pretty good idea that Jon made it to the very end.

The Downton Abbey star faced a similar problem at the end of Season 5. While Game of Thrones fans were wondering if Jon was actually dead, Leslie knew that Harington was filming the entirety of Season 6, which meant his character wasn’t truly dead.

After Season 6 ended, Harington admitted that Leslie knew Jon would be brought back from the dead and that she was one of the few people who were allowed to know.

That said, it sounds like Leslie has avoided any major spoilers so far. The actress admitted that she has no idea how the story will end, despite being an active part of Harington’s life.

She’s also super excited about watching the final season unfold like every other fan and can’t wait to start watching the opening act. Here’s to wishing Leslie the best of luck at avoiding Jon’s fate before the season premiere.

HBO has not announced an official premiere date for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. The final season is expected to air sometime in 2019.

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