‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Flirts With Contestant, His Girlfriend Spills On How She Really Feels About That

American Idol is back on a new network and with new judges, and the fun and excitement are still fresh. There is quite a bit of flirting going on as well. Trevor Holmes caught the attention of Katy Perry, and she was not shy about letting it be known. It was all over her face. He was on Good Morning America on Wednesday to discuss the drama that went down.

Katy Perry is single and is definitely ready to mingle as was evident on Tuesday night. She got quite a bit flustered when the handsome male contestant showed up with his guitar ready to sing. Trevor Holmes got the golden ticket to Hollywood and much more than he bargained for at the American Idol audition.

Katy noticed how handsome he was right away, and the flirting began. It only made it worse when he mentioned he was in construction and he loved his mama. Oh, and he can sing, too! That brought Katy to tell him that he can come hang out with her anytime. Unfortunately for the “Firework” singer, he has a girlfriend named Sierra.

She and Trevor discussed their reactions to the whole ordeal on GMA. He mentioned that Katy was his celebrity crush, and Sierra said that she is okay with that. She explained what happened after he got his ticket to Hollywood.

Sierra said that she just beelined into the room not knowing that Katy Perry was heading toward her boyfriend going in for a hug. She was so excited that she didn’t know she cut the American Idol judge off. The producer just told her that she could go on in and she did. Sierra dished that she and Katy hugged and also laughed about the whole ordeal afterward.

Trevor also explained how it all went down between him and Katy. After he got the three yeses, he was told that he should go get his ticket and to go get a hug from Katy. But then he realized that his mom and girlfriend were running toward him from the other side. He ended up choosing his girlfriend as she leaped into his arms, which left the AI judge in a very awkward position.

Katy Perry saw what was happening and embarrassingly made a beeline back the other way to not disturb the couple. She was obviously smitten with him, but it becomes a little complicated when he has his girl by his side supporting him. It was all in good fun, and now Trevor Holmes will get his chance to become the next American Idol.

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