Jinger Duggar Travels Wearing Pants While 5 Months Pregnant, Husband Jeremy Vuolo Captures Wife On Instagram

Jinger Duggar shocked the fans of Counting On when she started wearing pants after her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. Because she and the rest of her sisters were brought up wearing skirts and dresses that fall below their knees, her transition to slacks got fans wondering if she wants to depart from the Duggar way of living. After her pregnancy announcement in January, she started wearing skirts more often, but it looks like her growing baby bump will not stop her from wearing pants.

Right now, Jinger and Jeremy are on a week-long trip to Los Angeles, where he attended the 2018 Shepherds' Conference hosted by Grace Community Church. As the pastor of an offshoot of Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, the 30-year-old former soccer player was eager to join preachers from all over the country to discuss what it means to be leaders in their towns.

Even though the conference was only three days long, the Vuolos are staying on the West Coast for over a week to enjoy the sights and sounds of southern California. The last time that they were in Los Angeles was almost a year ago before Jinger was pregnant.

With the work wrapped up, Jeremy and Jinger are enjoying their time as tourists in the city, taking pictures of the Hollywood sign, visiting friends, and seeing the Gutenberg Bible exhibition at the Huntington Library.

There, the 30-year-old pastor took a video of a hawk, which also captured his wife wearing a sleeveless top and skinny pants.

During the conference, Jinger chose outfits that highlighted her pregnancy and femininity, wearing empire waist dresses that show off her motherhood.But now that her official duties of the pastor's wife are over, she is relaxing in clothes that are hip and appropriate to the Los Angeles weather.

Jinger is now five months pregnant with her first baby, which means that she just has three months to go before her due date. While most mothers would avoid traveling during this time, it looks like she and her husband have not shown any hesitancy. During the early days of her pregnancy, she flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the G3 Conference and to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to visit her husband's family.

Also, this is not the first time that the 24-year-old mother was seen wearing pants during her pregnancy. Last month, she garnered praises from her fans when she sported a casual pantsuit for a Sunday service.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are expecting their first baby in the summer of 2018.