Justin Bieber Tries To Hide Tears As He Steps Out With Dad Amid Selena Gomez Split, Reports ‘Daily Mail’

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez delighted Jelena fans when they recently reunited. But now, just days after Selena made their renewed relationship Instagram official by wishing Justin happy birthday on the social media platform, Bieber and Gomez have split once again. Amid multiple reports describing the reasons for Justin and Selena’s most recent break in their famed Jelena romance, the Daily Mail reported that Bieber was seen trying to hide his tears as he stepped out with his father.

Rumors Clash About Why Selena Gomez And Emotional Justin Bieber Split

Justin’s emotional state was revealed amid clashing reports about the real cause for his split from Selena. Some rumors have blamed Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefy, for the breakup. Although Mandy reportedly is not much of a Belieber, the former lovebirds actually are trying to cope with their “own issues” and Selena’s mother didn’t cause the split, according to an insider quoted by the newspaper.

“[Selena Gomez] wouldn’t base her relationship off of what her mom thinks. [Justin Bieber and Selena] have always been on and off.”

Other reports continue to point to Gomez’s mother as the cause for the split. The publication quoted another insider’s allegation that Selena and Justin broke up “mainly because of Selena’s mom and her disapproval of Justin.”

While Gomez’s mother got blamed by some for the split, Bieber’s dad was there to support his son after the emotional breakup. The Daily Mail reported that Justin attempted to hide his feelings.

Justin Bieber reportedly got emotional in public with his dad after his split from Selena Gomez.
Justin Bieber reportedly got emotional in public with his dad after his split from Selena Gomez.Featured image credit: Matt SaylesAP Images

Justin Bieber Gets Emotional As He Turns To Dad For Support

Bieber’s father, Jeremy, recently tied the knot with his girlfriend, Chelsey Rebelo, in Mexico. Justin and Selena attended together. In the wake of Bieber’s split from Gomez, Jeremy reportedly is seeking to provide comfort for his son.

“Bieber appeared to be in an emotional state Monday in Los Angeles. [Justin] was seen hiding his head in his hands… during a day with his dad Jeremy. It’s possible Justin was masking tears.”

Despite Bieber’s rumored tears about his split from Gomez, some of the reports are predicting a happy ending (version 2.0) for the couple.

“They’ve been having disagreements, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re back together in a week,” said one of the insiders.

However, Metro reported that the split from Selena Gomez is “taking its toll” on Justin, describing Bieber as appearing “devastated as he was spotted out with dad Jeremy.” As Justin was sitting in the car to wait for his father, Bieber was observed trying to hide his face “in a possible bid to hide his tears.”

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez “Trust Issues” And “Bad Blood”

Reporting on all the clashing rumors about why Justin and Selena split again, iHeartRadio quoted an insider’s description of the “trust issues” that reportedly have caused problems for Gomez and Bieber.

“She has trust issues. He has trust issues. They get into arguments. They’re not talking.”

Another source, however, claimed that although Justin and Selena were experiencing “a lot of little disagreements,” one battle exploded, leading to their breakup. That insider insisted that the two have stayed in touch and are still in love.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, a third source named “bad blood” as the cause of Gomez and Bieber’s most recent breakup.

“There has been so much bad blood between them. Selena has told Justin that it’s his responsibility to make things right, no what it takes,” said the insider.

In addition, as the Inquisitr reported, rumors of a love triangle involving Hailey Baldwin, Bieber, and Gomez just heated up after Hailey liked Bieber’s shirtless Instagram photo. Selena reportedly was upset with Justin when he confessed that he had stayed in touch with Hailey.