‘The Winds Of Winter’ Release Date Predicted By Redditor, George RR Martin Might Publish Book 6 In November

The long wait for The Winds Of Winter has certainly made fans restless, so much so that some have begun speculating about the future of the sixth Song Of Ice And Fire novel. Although pessimists believe that Book 6 will be published at the end of the century, there is also speculation that George R.R. Martin has already completed the first draft and the novel could finally be released by the end of the year.

One fan took their optimism for the Winds Of Winter release date to another level. An enthusiast decided to use statistics to somehow predict when George R.R. Martin will finally publish Book 6 and immediately posted it on Reddit. Interestingly, the stats forecast that the sixth Song Of Ice And Fire novel will come out before 2018 is over.

Redditor King_of_Pyjamas clearly has an optimism that most George R.R. Martin fans have lost while waiting for The Winds Of Winter. The Reddit user combined their positive outlook on life with a thorough analysis of the author’s previous releases and came up with a result that foresees the sixth book being published by November 21, 2018. However, the Redditor also added the “standard error of 165 days,” expanding the release date prediction to “June 10, 2018 – May 5, 2019.” Moreover, the final novel, A Dream Of Spring, might be available between 2027 and 2028.

George R.R. Martin could release 'The Winds of Winter' by the end of the year.

Although there is a possibility that King_of_Pyjamas’ stats will work, it is important to remember that George R.R. Martin is also dealing with more projects compared to when he was writing A Game Of Thrones or even A Dance With Dragons. The Winds Of Winter release date might be one of his major priorities, but it is not the only thing Martin is focusing on at the moment. In addition to that, the author has been easily distracted by social media, especially Twitter.

There might be no updates yet on ASOIAF Book 6, but fans can rest assured that George R.R. Martin is doing his best to minimize distractions. The writer of A Storm Of Swords had announced that he will stop blogging to focus on “LOTS of exciting things” and might even ask his “minions” to post updates for him on LiveJournal. Hopefully, one of those future posts will announce The Winds Of Winter release date.