Kim Kardashian Stunt Double: Some Think Instagram Video Of Kim Snow Skiing Is Another Woman

Willy SanjuanAP Images

Kim Kardashian posted a new video to her Instagram account on Monday of her snow skiing in Utah. The 37-year-old surprised many of her followers with her latent talent for downhill skiing.

The black-and-white video shows Kim in a heavy coat, ski leggings, and a helmet. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail loosely flowing down her back as she made a winding path down the mountain.

“Utah ski trip with the fam,” Kim Kardashian captioned the image with a ski and snowflake emoji. “The full video in color will be up on my app soon.”

The video got 2.9 million views within six hours. Thousands were impressed with Kim’s athletic ability and noted that she has more talent than she’s often given credit for.

While the reality star received heaps of praise for her hidden skills, some were skeptical that it was even Kim in the video. Scrolling down the comments, it was thought by skeptics that a stunt double acted as Kim gracefully skiing down the mountain.

A sampling of what was on Kim’s Instagram feed after she posted the video reveals that not all think she has the secret ability to ski.

“I call stunt double,” one writes.

“Kim is like a slug. She would not risk her life for a sportive moment. That is not Kim,” wrote another skeptic.

“I don’t believe for one moment that is rlly Kim,” a user chimed in.

“Lol. Body double,” one more added.

“Stunt double. Lol,” echoed someone.

“Yeah, okay. That ain’t her,” a nonbeliever commented.


As at least one individual responded, haters are always going to find fault. In spite of Kardashian’s massive fan base, she has more than her share of critics.

Kim’s face wasn’t exposed in the skiing video, and that could be fueling the argument that she had a stunt double. When the full video comes out in color on her app, it may change a few minds.

As Metro reports, skiing isn’t the only athletic skill Kim Kardashian has recently shown off. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she joined her family for a game of baseball. The sequence was filmed at a baseball field in Los Angeles. Kim played ball with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

Kim Kardashian is another location where there’s lots of snow and mountains, but it’s not in Utah. E! Online reports that Kardashian is currently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he’s recording music. She’s not expected to stick around too long, according to the report. Although it’ll be a “quick visit,” a source told the website that Kim loves taking a break and getting away from it all.