‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Breakup: Ashley Iaconetti, Kevin Wendt Have Split, According To ‘ET Online’


Ashley Iaconetti has been rather unlucky in finding love within the Bachelor franchise, but for a while, it looked as if her appearance on The Bachelor Winter Games might have done the trick. Ashley fell for Canadian Kevin Wendt, and the two maintained their relationship for a while post-filming. Unfortunately, it looks like that romance has already come to an end.

ET Online reports that Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt have broken up, and it looks like this is a recent development. Bachelor Winter Games participants had been posting happy pictures on social media even just a few days ago, but Ashley has confirmed to the outlet that her relationship with Kevin is over.

Iaconetti and Wendt were trying to manage this Bachelor Winter Games romance as a long-distance relationship, as she is based in Los Angeles and he still lives in Canada. It seems that the distance ultimately caused the split, and insiders say that there are no hard feelings between Ashley and Kevin. Sources reveal that they weren’t feeling certain about their relationship going the distance, and neither one was ready to move to where the other lived. As a result, the relationship just came to an end.

The split likely feels a little sudden to those who follow the Bachelor Winter Games stars on social media. Iaconetti just posted a photo showing her with Wendt a few days ago, and she noted that it’s beautiful the way he takes care of her heart. A few days before that, Kevin posted a photo of Ashley on Instagram praising how supportive, motivating, and driven she is as he wished her a happy birthday and called her sexy, smart, and sweet.

It seems that Iaconetti will be addressing the split in an upcoming installment of her podcast with former Bachelor star Ben Higgins. Ashley indicates that she’ll open up about why her relationship with Kevin ended and she’ll talk about what comes next.

Is there a chance that the Bachelor Winter Games duo could reunite and restart their romance down the road? Those who loved seeing Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt together will certainly be rooting for a reunion, but they will have to stay tuned to find out whether the door to the possibility remains open.