‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Joshua Morrow Confirms Shick Reunion

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New The Young and the Restless spoilers from this week’s soap magazines feature an interview from Joshua Morrow about the fate of Shick. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) share a long and tortured history that dates back to their teen years. Since then, they had Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind), dealt with Nick’s infidelity, and Sharon’s emerging mental illness. But with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) gone, it looks like it’s time for a Shick reunion – and Joshua Morrow recently confirmed that it’s coming in a new interview.

Joshua Morrow Reveals Shick Reunion Ahead

Many Y&R fans have been hoping that Sharon and Nick would get back together, and it appears that showrunner Mal Young heard the uproar and is granting the wish. With Chelsea skipping town and breaking Nick’s heart, it seems that Sharon and Nick have a date with destiny. And now that Nick and Christian moved in with Sharon at the ranch, it’s only a matter of time. Joshua Morrow confirmed the speculation of a reunion in this week’s ABC Soaps in Depth.

In an article about the couple asking if it’s time for Shick to reunite, Morrow said, “There is zero chance that [a reunion] doesn’t come to fruition” but he had some caveats. Given the recent events between them such as Sharon keeping the secret that Sully was Christian, the actor thinks the reunion shouldn’t be instantaneous. Morrow said he thinks it should “be difficult” adding that he wants Sharon and Nick “to take a journey to get to it.”

Sharon Is Still Hiding A Dirty Secret

Y&R spoilers from almost two years ago remind that Sharon played a major role in the death of Nick’s wife Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan). Nick knows that Sharon found Sage after the fatal car crash, but he doesn’t know that Sharon and Sage’s confrontation and Sharon chasing Sage in her car likely caused the wreck. If not for that tragic night, Sage would be alive and with Nick raising Christian, and the paternity secret would still be hidden.

Nick would be living a lie, but at least he would be happy. Right now, the man is heartbroken over losing Chelsea and finding out he’s raising Adam Newman’s (Justin Hartley) son. Nick loves Christian, but this mess has crushed him, and it all goes back to Sharon’s lies about Sully. Will Sharon ever come clean with Nick? Until she does, she’ll be haunted by guilt. But if Sharon does confess, Nick might pack his bags and take his son and leave Sharon’s house.

Will Sharon Confess Her Big Secret?

The Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps say that this week Sharon relies on Nick, but things change next week. Y&R spoilers from Soap Central reveal that the week of March 19 Nick learns something shocking. Will Sharon finally tell the truth about the night Sage died so that she and Nick can move forward and reunite with a clean slate? If the shocker isn’t about Sharon, it could be more bad news about Christian. YR updates tease that grudge-holding DA Cricket will send a social worker to take Christian.

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