'Star Wars 8' Novel: Kylo Ren Helped Rey Learn Advanced Skills To Kill Praetorian Guards In 'The Last Jedi'

Nobelle Borines

There were several questions that were finally answered in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, yet the film also offered some new mysteries about Rey. The truth about her parentage may have been revealed but fans also began to wonder how Rey managed to defeat three Elite Praetorian Guards despite her lack of training.

Did Luke Skywalker secretly give Rey some additional lessons off-screen in Star Wars 8? Has the girl from Jakku somehow learned everything on her own? Interestingly, the Episode VIII novelization has offered some insight on who taught Rey the advanced skills she possessed in the latter part of The Last Jedi.

In Star Wars 8, Rey was shocked to realize she is somehow connected to Kylo Ren although they were apart. Although she initially tries to avoid him, they eventually began to converse and learn more about each other.

The idea of Rey and Kylo Ren talking behind Luke Skywalker's back has certainly led to fans shipping the two characters together after watching Star Wars 8. However, the Force connection that was created by Supreme Leader Snoke did more than just make Rey and Kylo visible to each other. The new novel based on The Last Jedi confirms that Kylo accidentally gave Rey some training while they were connected.

According to ComicBook, the novelization of Star Wars 8 describes the scene where Rey and Kylo Ren are first connected with some interesting new details. Jason Fry's The Last Jedi book reveals that Rey had learned "how [Kylo] accessed some of the powers at his command" even though she could not comprehend them just yet. The paragraph further explains that "his training had become hers" after the "strange, sudden connection."

But did Supreme Leader Snoke know that Rey would access Kylo Ren's advanced training when he decided to use the Force to connect them? The First Order leader was possibly unaware of the consequences of his actions which somehow led to his demise in Star Wars 8. Nevertheless, the connection also allowed Rey to defeat three Elite Praetorian Guards simply by letting the Force guide her.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition was published on March 6. Episode VIII will be available in Digital HD on March 13 and Blu-Ray on March 27.