‘Fast Six’ Star Vin Diesel Drops New Image, Confirms Trailer Release Date [Photo]

Fast Six star Vin Diesel recently shared a new image from the upcoming sequel to the hit franchise. He also confirmed the Superbowl release date of the film’s first trailer.

If you’re just getting caught up on the Fast and the Furious franchise, then you may want to skip this article. The image released by the film’s star contains some information that may ruin a few of the story’s surprises. In short, there are spoilers ahead.

According to ScreenCrave, Vin Diesel shared the embedded image on his Facebook page. The photo shows Diesel’s Dominic standing in front of Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty, the latter of whom supposed died at the end of Fast and Furious. As you can see from the picture, she’s apparently alive and well.

Those who stuck around during the Fast Five end credits were treated to a scene which shows Dwayne Johnson’s character discovering that Letty hadn’t actually died. For fans of the series, this was a pretty big deal.

According to Cinema Blend, Diesel stated that the Fast and the Furious 6 trailer would arrive during this year’s Superbowl. This means you’ll have to park yourself on the couch during the game in order to catch the preview during its world’s premiere.

Directed to Justin Lin and scripted by Fast Five co-writer Chris Morgan, the next installment in the hit franchise continues to follow the adventures of Dominic, Brian, and Mia as they attempt to stay one step ahead of federal agent Luke Hobbs. As always, there will probably be a few car chases along the way.

Fast and the Furious 6 is presently slated to arrive in US theaters on May 24. You can take a look at the image shared by Vin Diesel below.

Fast and the Furious 6

Once Vin Diesel is done promoting this sequel, the actor will start pushing the next installment in the Chronicles of Riddick series. The aptly-titled Riddick will hit theaters on September 6.