Zendaya’s Mother Shames Kylie Jenner For Her Spending Habits, According To ‘Entertainment For Breakfast’

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On Saturday, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself inside of her walk-in closet, which was stocked from floor to the ceiling with handbags of every color imaginable. Simply captioned, “options,” the photo has racked up over 6 million likes and thousands of comments in just one day. Many of the comments are of people expressing their envy over Kylie’s endless choice of accessories. One person who was not impressed, however, was Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer.

The famous mother, who goes by the Instagram handle @clare_maree64, expressed her displeasure over Kylie’s decision to spend so much of her money on handbags in a comment underneath her post. In her opinion, that money could have been better spent elsewhere, like on school supplies. Zendaya’s mom didn’t leave her comment up long, but the Instagram account, @entforbreakfast managed to screenshot it before she deleted it, proving that the internet is forever. The entertainment-based account, similar to that of The Shade Room, then reposted Stoermer’s comments.

Stoermer, a former teacher wrote, “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

“Imagine how many books, supplies, and computers I could have bought for my students when I was teaching with the money she spent on those bags…but okay, live ur life Kylie!”

Stoermer’s comment has now sparked a debate about whether or not she had any business policing what Kylie Jenner spends her money on in the comment section of the post. Some of Kylie Jenners fans are now condemning Zendaya’s mom for worrying about what Kylie Jenner, a young woman she doesn’t know, is spending her money on, instead of her own daughter’s spending habits.

Anyone who follows Zendaya knows that she, too, has a pretty enviable wardrobe, which often gets her on various best-dressed lists. Because of this, they’re wondering if Zendaya’s mom has been urging her own child to donate to schools or other worthy causes. There are some, however, who are siding with Zendaya’s mom. In their opinion, Kylie Jenner’s decision to flaunt her wealth was in poor taste, so there was nothing wrong with Claire calling her out. At this time, neither Zendaya nor Kylie Jenner has responded to Stoermer’s criticism.


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