Woman Claims She Was Injured By Drag Queen’s Breast Files $1.5 Million Lawsuit Against Florida Restaurant

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A woman who thought she was doing nothing more than having dinner at a Florida restaurant ended up at a local emergency room after she sat through the floor show at the establishment. Neldin Molina claims her dinner at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa was uneventful until the music started to play and the dinner crowd started to clap.

This was the first time Molina had been at this restaurant and she was there that evening as a part of a birthday celebration dinner for a friend, but what came next was unexpected. It was just a few minutes before 9 o’clock when that music indicated the start of the show. This is when a person stepped up to the microphone and announced to the dinner crowd that a drag queen show was about to begin, according to Fox News.

This type of show was not something new for Mary’s Hamburger Restaurant. The Orlando Sentinel reports the establishment is known for its drag queen shows. But Molina was not aware of the entertainment venue as this was her first visit, she claims.

The lawsuit alleges that during the show, a drag queen who was making the rounds to the tables grabbed Molina’s head and drew her closer into her bosom. This drag queen then allegedly “wiggled her breast” against Molina’s head and face “at least eight times,” according to the Sentinel. Molina said the drag queen then “violently” banged her head into the performer’s chest “up to nine times,” which caused her severe pain later on.

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Along with the pain she suffered in her neck, she also suffered “uncontrollable headaches” due to this incident. According to Fox News, the lawsuit documents identify the drag queen as Amanda D’Hod. The documents also say that Molina complained to the manager, along with filing a complaint with him, who in turn said he would notify the owner.

The $1.5 million that Molina is asking for in her lawsuit will cover her “medical expenses for the past, present, and future, including the pain and suffering she physically and mentally endured.” The documents also indicated that the restaurant failed to inform the customers ahead of time that their entertainment could come with “possible dangers.”

There is no comment listed for the restaurant or Amanda D’Hod over this incident as of yet. Molina claims she is suffering from “excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches” since the incident, which is listed in the court documents filed in the lawsuit.