‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Spoilers: Sansa Stark’s Death A Possibility If You Believe This Fan Theory

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Sansa (Sophie Turner) has come a long way since Season 1 of Game of Thrones. She’s gone from an inexperienced girl desperate to wed Joffrey to a powerful woman in the north who knows a thing or two about manipulation. But with the series coming to an end in Season 8, Sansa’s story arc has some fans believing that she’ll die before the end.

According to Express, there is a good reason to believe that a lot of our favorite characters are going to die in Season 8 as the war with the Night King finally comes to a head. For one Reddit user, the fate of all of the Stark children was foreshadowed based on the status of their direwolves, which doesn’t bode well for Sansa. Back in Season 1, Sansa’s pet wolf, Lady, was killed on the road to King’s Landing, leading some fans to speculate that she’ll die in Season 8.

How might Sansa’s death play out?

Reddit fan JackStargaryen believes he has the answer. The redditor noted that Sansa has almost been killed several times on the show and that her luck will run out when she comes face to face with a White Walker. The user explained how Sansa will likely be forced to flee Winterfell with the civilian wagons when the Night King attacks, which means she won’t have anyone there to protect her.

“Sansa will get wounded by a White Walker, Arya will come in and save Sansa from the White Walker with the dagger. She will try to carry her away from the battle, but Sansa will make Arya leave before they can kill her too,” the user shared. “Sansa will then either bleed out or the Night King will find her and finish her off.”

If that doesn’t happen, the theorist believes that Cersei Lannister’s Golden Company will attack the north and take Sansa hostage. At the point, Cersei will behead Sansa, which would give her a similar end as her father, Ned Stark. Either way, the theory clearly outlines that Sansa will not make it out alive once Season 8 is a wrap. But is there any hard evidence to support the theory?

HBO has kept spoilers to a minimum ahead of the final season. Production is currently underway, however, and we’ve already seen a few spoilers leak from the set. Most recently, Turner let slip that she just had her final costume fitting, which could mean an early exit for her character. But we won’t know for sure until Game of Thrones returns to HBO next season. We can only hope that Sansa doesn’t follow in her father’s footsteps and makes it out alive.

That said, there’s also a chance that Sansa lives and sits on the Iron Throne when all the dust settles. Another interesting fan theory posits that Sansa hooks up with Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Gendry, and the two end up ruling, uniting House Baratheon and Stark once and for all. What do you think?

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is expected to premiere sometime in 2019.