NeverTrump.Dating Is The New Dating Site For People Who Can’t Stand Donald Trump

In the wake of the February launch of Trump.Dating, the new dating website for the MAGA crowd that seeks to “Make Dating Great Again,” a political start-up group has announced a new place to find a mate from the opposite end of the political spectrum, NeverTrump.Dating.

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, the new site bills itself as the place for people who “will never back down to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power,” and promises to be attractive to those with more liberal tastes, as well as a place for those who don’t consider themselves straight males or straight females.

The American Liberal Council said in a press release, according to an article in The Hill, that the new site was “made with progressives, independents, disillusioned Republicans, and the LGBT community in mind.” NeverTrump.Dating allows the user to register as gay, lesbian, or straight. The more conservative Trump.Dating only allows the user to choose “straight man” or “straight woman” as an option. Neither site offers transgender as an option.

The NeverTrump.Dating site lauds “couples that are united in social justice” and who “stand for tolerance and justice.” They also claim that Trump and his followers may try to “strip away our rights” but that they will “lose in the end” in the face of “two liberals” who are “joined together with like minded beliefs.”

One thing you won’t see much of on NeverTrump.Dating is Make America Great Again hats.

This, of course, begs the question of whether it is still possible for people from opposite ends of this political divide to find love and romance with each other. Recent reporting by the Washingtonian suggests that cross-political romance is extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible.

The Washingtonian article points to a new Pew Research study that suggests the greatest divide in America today exists between those of conservative and those of liberal bents. It goes on to say that, since the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, millennial daters in Washington, D.C., are 15 times more likely to mention their political persuasion in their dating biographies, with a full one-third saying they would never date someone who identifies with the opposing side. Liberal and progressive daters also seem to have a sliding scale for conservatives, with traditional conservatives being more palatable than Trump supporters.

Since quite a few young singles in the nation’s capital say pictures on dating sites containing camouflage, hunting gear, and even American flags are enough to keep them swiping and moving on to the next profile, this new site should be the perfect remedy for them. It will be unlikely to find outward shows of exuberance and support for the president, or a single Make America Great Again hat, on NeverTrump.Dating.

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