‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan Griffith’s Girlfriend Speaks Out To ‘Radar Online’ Regarding Arrest

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As reported previously by the Inquisitr, Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans’ baby daddy, was arrested on February 25th after hitting traffic fixtures and fleeing the scene. He was then placed in jail, but released on a $464 bond. It was also stated that he hadn’t waited for the officers and kept driving, which created further issues.

Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley Landhardt, spoke to Radar Online about her boyfriend’s arrest. According to Landhardt, Nathan had been falsely arrested and that the charges have no merit. She stated that he was, instead, arrested for going to the gas station and then pulling off while the pump was still in his car.

Nathan Griffith has a traumatic injury from his time in the military, which Ashley says created the issue. She says that Nathan never meant to pull off with the pump still in his gas tank, but it only happened because he had forgotten it was there. He had also gone to the gas station alone to get an energy drink, which is something that he shouldn’t have been doing due to his injury.

According to Landhardt, the gas station clerk decided not to press charges for the incident, and the whole thing was just an accident.

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith’s ex and mother of his son, Kaiser, has stated that she is pulling him off of Teen Mom 2, as well as her youngest daughter, Ensley since her husband David Eason was fired for a homophobic rant on Twitter.

Griffith’s girlfriend stated that she hoped Jenelle wasn’t taking Kaiser away from the show just to spite the show in general, and that if that were the case, she would not support Jenelle doing so. However, if she is pulling Kaiser for his own good, she feels it might be a good move for the toddler.

Since Jenelle’s husband’s Twitter rant, Jenelle’s fate on the show has been hanging in the balance. Her co-star, Farrah Abraham, was already fired from the Teen Mom franchise for her bad behavior in addition to continuing to perform in adult-oriented films despite the network asking her not to do so. Farrah has stated she is suing MTV.