NFL Mock Draft 2018: Baker Mayfield To Dolphins, Possible Trade With Bears To Move Into Top 10

Miami looks ready to move on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill via the NFL Draft.

Miami looks ready to move on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill via the NFL Draft.

In some of the latest NBA mock draft 2018 speculation, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield could end up a member of the Miami Dolphins. It’s being said that the Dolphins are looking to go in a different direction at the QB spot, with Ryan Tannehill having his woes and Jay Cutler proving to be Jay Cutler. Since the former Bears quarterback wasn’t the hero the team was hoping for, they ironically may swing a deal with the Chicago Bears to move up in the draft and select a future hero at the position.

The Miami Dolphins were looking towards a potential playoff spot this past season, but expectations were dashed. Despite trying to use Cutler to fill the void left by the injured Tannehill, Miami went just 6-10 for the season and missed the postseason. The main issue with Tannehill as mentioned in an ESPN video clip isn’t his ability to play well, it’s his ability to stay healthy. At this point, rather than hope Tannehill can play, they probably need to figure out another way to go. That means Miami is eyeing their options in terms of quarterback prospects in the draft, and there are several, with one who could end up on the Dolphins.

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In their latest NFL mock draft, Walter Football has the Miami Dolphins in the No. 11 spot taking Baker Mayfield. It’s noted that he could be a top-six quarterback in this draft and that could mean another team moves up to select him first. It’s also suggested that there have been rumors of a trade involving the Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry, who Miami could opt to send to Chicago as part of a deal to get the No. 8 pick in the draft. ESPN reported earlier on Thursday that Landry received the Dolphins’ franchise tag.

Mayfield finished the 2017 season as the second-best quarterback in terms of total passing yards with 4,627, trailing only Mason Rudolph of the in-state rival Cowboys. However, Mayfield topped all players in terms of his completion percent with 70.5 percent of his passes made, giving him more value in the upcoming draft. He also topped the college football signal callers in terms of average yards per pass (11.5 yards per pass) and threw 43 touchdowns, only one less than Division I leader Drew Lock of Missouri. CBS Sports said Mayfield’s performance was “most impressive” of all the quarterbacks auditioning at the recent NFL Combine.

The Oklahoma standout is expected to be one of four quarterbacks who could go in the first round and possibly within the top 10 picks. USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen, and Wyoming’s Josh Allen are also being touted as quality QBs expected to go higher than Mayfield could. It all depends on how teams play their positions on the draft board and whether they feel these particular players will suit their roster best.

In the case of the Dolphins, Mayfield seems worth the gamble, and making a trade to move up wouldn’t be a bad idea as they could be selecting the next star QB in the AFC East once Brady is retired. The team finished at No. 18 in the league in passing yards and No. 28 in points scored per game. If Mayfield’s college success can translate to success in the NFL, he could certainly help Miami improve those particular numbers. Other roster tweaks may also be needed, but many times it starts by bringing in the right QB.

The NFL Draft 2018 takes place starting on April 26 when Miami Dolphins fans will get to see if their team makes the move up in the draft and goes with Mayfield or another quarterback to lead their team.