‘This Is Us’ Finale Photos: Get A Sneak Peek At Kate And Toby’s Wedding Weekend

This Is Us fans are cordially invited to the season finale of the NBC drama series. And based on the sneak peek photos from the episode, it is going to be must-see TV. New photos have been released by NBC from the This Is Us Season 2 finale, titled “The Wedding.” The photos show Pearson brothers Kevin and Randall (Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown) going crazy for Ka-Toby as the entire clan gathers at the family vacation home for Kate and Toby’s (Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan) wedding weekend.

This Is Us fans already Kate Pearson is not exactly close with her mom Rebecca (Mandy Moore). So maybe it makes sense that her brothers take the reigns as her wedding coordinators. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us executive producer Isaac Apatker confirmed that Kevin throws himself into wedding planning mode for his sister’s big day as he continues his struggle with sobriety.

“Kevin’s very, very committed to staying sober,” the This Is Us producer told THR. “Luckily he has this outlet to focus on this weekend. He and Randall are almost sharing the role of co-wedding coordinators, and so they really have their hands full with throwing this party.”

Aptaker added that Kevin is too busy with his sister’s wedding to even be tempted by alcohol. Based on the photos released by the network, Kevin, Randall, and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are up to their ears in Ka-Toby wedding favors.

Not only will Ka-Toby goodie bags be given to the wedding guests, but it looks like the Ka-Toby champagne will be flowing, too.

There are also photos of Kate’s unlikely new bestie, Madison, who is played by This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman’s wife, Caitlin Thompson. With all due respect to the Pearson brothers, the Ka-Toby decor has got to be either Beth or Madison’s idea.

While there are no photos of Kate Pearson in her wedding gown, the promo for the episode (which you can see below) does show her in full bridal regalia as she walks down the aisle toward Toby. The promo also shows Kate’s late dad, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), as a senior citizen 20 years after he passed away.

Jack’s presence aside (a dream or a fantasy sequence will likely explain a gray-haired Jack’s cameo on his Katey-girl’s wedding day), the big question is, will this long overdue wedding actually take place in the This Is Us finale? Or will these Ka-Toby party favors become a painful reminder of a wedding that never was?

Isaac Aptaker has remained somewhat cryptic about that detail. While he has acknowledged the finale is set “at the family cabin for a very, very big celebratory occasion” and adds that the season is “ending with a wedding, which is one of life’s celebratory events,” the This Is Us co-showrunner stops short of verifying that Kate and Toby will actually say “I do” during the show’s Season 2 finale.

“This is definitely the weekend where everyone’s gathered for a wedding, but whether or not rings are exchanged you have to stay tuned,” the This Is Us producer told THR.

Take a look at the promo for the This Is Us finale episode, “The Wedding,” below.


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