Former Stylist Accuses Ed Westwick Of Making Her A Sex Slave, Reports ‘TMZ’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

In the wake of the #MeToo and “Time’s Up” movements, many Hollywood stars have been accused of inappropriate behavior, and now one woman has come forward to accuse Ed Westwick of making her his sex slave, reports TMZ.

Ed Westwick, the British actor known for his role as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl,was accused of raping at least three women in November, a claim that he vehemently denies.

Hayley Freedman, an aspiring stylist, is at the center of a lawsuit alleging that Ed Westwick had made her his sex slave for a 48-hour period. She claims that in 2014, she went to Westwick’s house where she and several others hung out. After some time, everyone left but her.

Freedman claims that she and Ed Westwick then began having sex, but that things turned awkward when he asked her to strangle, slap him, and spit on him. When Freedman refused, she claims he did them in-kind to her.

She alleges she was at his house for 2 days straight without cell phone service and not knowing where she was. She states that Westwick told her he would take her to her car, but kept delaying it so he could continue to rape her.

Freedman also alleges that when she was taking a shower in his apartment, he came in and began having sex with her, against her will.

The aspiring stylist is not suing Ed Westwick, but is instead going for his business partners in the lawsuit. According to Freedman, she had planned to go public with the information, but Westwick’s team tried to make her look disturbed and unhinged. She also claims she did an interview on an unnamed media outlet and that the interview was pulled before airing.

Additionally, Freedman claims that Ed Westwick told her he could prove she was lying by stating that he could tell anyone that her family was in town and she was visiting them.

Freedman claims that as a result, she had suffered internal bleeding, bruising and tearing.

It is unclear why she isn’t suing Westwick himself.

Ed Westwick has not posted on his Instagram since the November 2017 allegations, which state that he had no part in the alleged crimes.